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Month of Sylius: March 🌷

Welcome to the summary of March, closing the first quarter of 2024. This time was filled with many contributions and updates, aiming to make Sylius better each day. To do so, we updated a new Sylius Plus website, implemented numerous improvements, released the 1.12.14 version, and published new case studies. However, it was also a time of excitement and sharing knowledge –  while meeting with the partners and the community at the Sylius Polish Community Meetup and the 2nd edition of Sylius Roundtable Session. 

Moreover, Sylius was frequently mentioned in the social media sphere, discussing its capabilities in the modern eCommerce industry, announcing new integrations, and discussing the details of the upcoming Sylius Days event. 

Saying that, let’s dive into the summary of the past few weeks and see what’s changed.

The most important product updates in the recent month 

In March, we would like to highlight the most important Pull Requests from the v1.12.14 releases and 1.13 Sylius beta-version. This is the last step before the stable version 1.13 and a final call before the long-awaited Sylius 2.0. Big kudos to our team and contributors!

  • Reorganization of Administrator and Customer endpoints.
  • Documentation updates regarding Command and Console namespaces.
  • Updated the default NODE_VERSION to 18.
  • Improvements and fixes to Bunnyshell images.
  • Prevented documentation failures when some endpoints are disabled.
  • Enhancements in configuration file management and upgrade documentation.
  • Adjustments in the CODEOWNERS file to clarify ownership and maintenance responsibilities.
  • Resolved conflicts with outdated API platform versions and other maintenance fixes.
  • Updates and fixes across various system aspects, from JSON handling in PostgreSQL to state machine configurations.
  • Updated international-based validations for Currency, Locale, and Country, cleaning up obsolete options.
  • Improved documentation links and visibility for Sylius Plus, along with updating access issue information.
  • Added new validations and improvements to API endpoints such as Address, Taxon Image, and Product Image to ensure robust data handling and user interactions.
  • Integrated Sylius State Machine Abstraction within the Resource Controller State Machine for enhanced functional clarity.
  • Continuous refactoring to improve code quality and developer experience, along with adding new testing configurations and validations.

Most active contributors

As usual, this month, we’d love to give an extra appreciation to those individuals who provide us with contributions that significantly improve our product yet are not directly hired by Sylius. Thank you for your support! 💪

  • Rafikooo: Played a crucial role in API enhancements, bug fixes, and maintenance work. Contributions included reorganizing administrator and customer endpoints, improving upgrade files, and adding missing contract tests for a more stable and efficient API.
  • TheMilek: Focused on enriching the API and admin functionalities by introducing new paths for tax categories, tax rates, shipping methods, payment requests, adding missing validations,  and more. Their work has enhanced the system’s configurability and administrative ease. 
  • crydotsnake: Contributed significantly to the administrative interface by introducing new CLI commands for admin user management, improving spacing in UI elements, and addressing usability issues, thereby enhancing the overall user experience.
  • Wojdylak: His contributions spanned across improving product options and review constraints in the API, adding enhancements to the shop, and addressing various aspects of product management, showcasing a commitment to improving the platform’s flexibility and user engagement.
  • GSadee: Contributed to API and shop improvements, minor bug fixes, and enhancements related to customer account verification, contact requests, and cleaning up address contract tests, thereby improving customer interaction and data handling. 
  • NoResponseMate: Focused on maintenance and enhancing serialization in API, addressing issues related to address serialization and shipment list display in the admin area, contributing to data integrity and UI improvements.
  • jakubtobiasz: Involved in maintenance, Docker, and admin area enhancements, including transforming product create/update forms into live components and splitting CI workflows for better efficiency, showcasing a focus on developer experience and system usability.
  • mmenozzi: Contributed to maintenance work, specifically around dispatching events when a user is created or updated through OAuth, enhancing system security and user management.
  • Jibbarth: Made a specific contribution to product attributes, focusing on the “Apply to all” functionality for product attribute options, improving the efficiency of product management tasks.
  • senghe: Contributed to the documentation with a focus on the Sylius cloud cookbook, enhancing the knowledge base for users and developers.
  • kulczy: Made several contributions to admin functionalities, including fixing bulk delete button states, improving UI components like table dropdowns and filter icons, and initiating a Bootstrap Shop Theme draft, aiming to refine the administrative interface and user experience.
  • Florian-Merle: Worked on adding a link script, contributing to the project’s accessibility or navigational ease (details on the script’s purpose or impact are not provided).
  • delyriand: Addressed a specific issue to ensure the max number of products is correctly identified for the given taxon, improving data accuracy and handling within the system.
  • mpysiak: Addressed a specific Behat test fix for the SyliusPayPalPlugin, contributing to the system’s testing framework and ensuring compatibility with payment processing functionalities.
  • mamazu: Contributed to maintenance by using the service name for the availability checker, likely enhancing the system’s configurability or diagnostic capabilities.
  • CoderMaggie: Enhanced documentation visibility for Sylius Plus, contributing to better marketing and information dissemination about the product’s premium version.
  • lacpandore: Updated an access Denied link in the documentation, improving information accessibility and user guidance.
  • damonsson: Made a contribution by updating the README.md, aiming to keep project information up-to-date and relevant.

The 1.12.14 release

The release of Sylius v1.12.14 brings several enhancements and bug fixes. The changes include UI admin improvements, enhanced documentation, API improvements (such as fixing but with not unique ID for ZoneMembers), changing language negotiation to RFC 4647 based, fixing the base currency settings when no currency is set, and much more!  All of the changes, along with details, are listed here.

This release is a result of the work of many passionate developers and community members. However, we want to especially thank the new contributors who took part in the improvements for this release:  

Sylius Days in Mannheim 🇩🇪

The 2nd edition of Sylius Days is approaching quickly. It will take place on April 18-19 in Mannheim, Germany, and will be hosted by our esteemed partner, bitExpert AG, and our friend, Stephan Hochdörfer. It will be a perfect occasion to learn more about Sylius and talk to team members, partners, and other community members from all over Europe 🇪🇺

The first day (April 18th) will be devoted to a comprehensive programming workshop, “from Zero to Hero – mastering Sylius Essentials in one day” by Stéphane Decock. This workshop will cover a variety of topics, including defining CRUD operations for effective data management, as well as a guide to set up Sylius Grids for optimal data presentation. Additionally, the participants will also gain knowledge about the intricacies of customizing the platform through overriding templates and implementing themes, testing strategies with Behat, and a hands-on session on developing a Sylius plugin.

The second day (April 19th) will be full of insightful presentations that cover the following topics:

As shown above, there will be a lot to see at this event! Do not hesitate and claim your ticket for free on the event’s website!

Sylius Technical Fundamentals 🇵🇱

What’s more, the first-ever Sylius training event is just around the corner!

On May 16th, the SYZYGY will host the Sylius Technical Fundamentals workshops in Warsaw, Poland. This will be an excellent opportunity to begin your journey with Sylius or, for self-learning enthusiasts, to sharpen your skills, systemize the knowledge, and gain valuable insights from experts. 

The workshops will be divided into three sections: 

Sylius Fundamentals, covering the architecture and key concepts, learning how to use Sylius Resource and Grid Bundle, an introduction to ResourceController, the concept of a State Machine, and Sylius Fixture Bundle component usage.

Products, examining the structure and configuration of the Sylius product catalog and how to extend it with new information.

Orders, explaining how to handle the shopping cart, processing and placing orders, along with customizing the order processing flow.

The workshops will be led by Certified Sylius Trainers, Core Team members, and co-founders of Commerce Weavers, Łukasz Chruściel and Mateusz Zalewski, providing you with a strong base and hands-on experience in utilizing Sylius.  🦢

Secure your place now and take advantage of early bird pricing until April 14th – number of seats is limited! 👉 sylius.com/sylius-workshop

Sylius Polish Community Meetup 🇵🇱

On March 21st, the longly awaited 3rd Sylius Polish Community Meetup took place.  Along with our Global Leading Solution Partner – BitBag, we organized an event for devoted Sylius enthusiasts. It was an excellent opportunity to meet with people who share the same interests and passions and listen to the presentations from the speakers:

Damian Murawski (COO at Sylius) shed more light on the development of Sylius and our journey to the version 1.13 and 2.0.  In the last six months, our team focused on improving API platform support by increasing the number of available endpoints and stabilizing it, therefore allowing to describe the Sylius as API-first solution.

Konrad Alfaro (CEO at 8lines) talked about choosing Sylius for custom solutions among smaller businesses – proving that Sylius is also a framework for creative ideas that can be used to build online stores quickly and efficiently. 

Przemysław Ptasiński (Lead Backend Developer at BitBag) shared the insights of leveraging Sylius in a global eCommerce luxury fashion store – Mytheresa. His presentation served as an ideal example of Sylius’s ability to adapt to the specific requirements of large enterprises.

After the presentation, we spend quality time networking with pizza and beer. 🍕

Wrapping up, we are highly pleased that people all over Poland celebrated together and shared their experiences with Sylius –  we can frankly say that it was one of the best Sylius community meetups in Poland (so far)! 🎉

Announced project victories ✌️

Apart from the internal work on Sylius, software agencies completed two exciting Sylius-based eCommerce projects! Let’s have a look:

Adapt agency Lithuania launches new Motorider.lt  Sylius-based store for four-wheeler enthusiasts

Adapt Agency Lithuania worked with Motorider.lt – one of the most known Lithuania’s eCommerce stores offering a selection of ATVs, motorcycles, and related accessories, along with high-quality servicing. The aim of the project was to remake a website to be easy to maintain, well-designed, and fast – with the goal of expanding to other European countries. Adapt agency focused on improving UX/UI, optimizing product import, setting up new payment methods, and implementing multilingual support. As a result, the website was rebranded with Sylius – boosting speed and mobile compatibility, while TSM integration was used for seamless data transfer.

Full case study available here 👉 adaptagency.com/lithuania/collaborations/motorider

La Bonne Agence developed a new eCommerce website for Mavic powered by Sylius

La Bonne Agence, our Professional Solution Partner, developed a new brand online store for Mavic – a French producer of cycling equipment, focusing on a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with Mavic’s existing digital ecosystem. The new Sylius-based store focuses on a high-performance and customer-centric approach, showcasing Mavic’s comprehensive range of products simply and intuitively while promoting the French know-how of the brand.

New case studies on our website!

This month, we have also published a new series of case studies on our website, highlighting the innovative uses of the Sylius in various projects. Each study offers an in-depth look at how Sylius has been customized and implemented to meet unique business challenges, showcasing its capabilities to create unique online stores.

Case studies are a great source of knowledge for developers and online businesses that want to start their journey with Sylius. Therefore, we encourage you to explore these insights to find relevant information!

Tons of Sylius Plus upgrades

Moving on, we redesigned A LOT of things related to Sylius Plus, starting from the demo version and ending with blog updates. Without further due, let’s look at the overview of the latest changes: 

1. Sylius Plus now has a new website, and we released the Series of Plus User Guide tutorials on YouTube by Przemysław Połeć

2. Our demo is now supplemented with all Sylius Plus features so that you can easily discover a full offer in the most transparent way. No lead wall; the demo is available now at demo.sylius.com

3. Along with the plus demo, we also deployed it along with:

4. Our blog just received a rich update on the Plus offering, including:

We hope the implemented changes will make Sylius Plus and its modules more transparent and easier to use in future eCommerce projects. 🙏

Top articles about Sylius

Jumping into online publications, the topic of Sylius was discussed in many places throughout this month: 

First of all, our Leading Solution Partner, BitBag, published two case studies and a blog related to Sylius:

Insightful social media mentions

Following the tradition, we browsed the social media sphere and picked the most exciting mentions about Sylius:

New partnership 🤝

We are excited to announce our new Professional Solution Partner – move:elevator

This agency specializes in marketing, advertising strategies, and digitalization, creating unique customer experiences on digital platforms. Their project examples span various industries and services, emphasizing their ability to meet specific needs and enhance brand visibility. Their project for Phantasialand exemplifies their commitment and ability to create magic-like experiences online. 

Once again, we are happy to begin this cooperation and hope that Sylius and move:elevator will be able to create many more outstanding projects in the future!

Sylius Partners Roundtable

In March, the 2nd Sylius Partners Roundtable session took place, where we discussed the available CMS options for Sylius. It was a great time discussing the future of Sylius and sharing ideas with our partners.

If you are still considering becoming a certified Sylius partner, you can apply here!

Wrapping up

Although March was filled with work and challenges, we are full of energy to push forward, fueled by the accomplishments and experiences of the past month and the goals we achieved with the help of the devoted community. The upcoming Sylius Days event is quickly approaching, motivating us to do our best each day and constantly improve the Sylius platform. 

Mikołaj Król
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