Entering international markets is an exciting idea for many ambitious eCommerce enterprises. The eCommerce sector continues to experience significant growth worldwide, becoming an integral part of retail. In 2024, online sales are expected to account for 19.5% of global retail sales, highlighting a progressive shift from traditional in-store shopping… Read More
Preventing technical debt in Sylius – Best practices
Business Technical 5 min read
The constantly evolving landscape of software development and continuous technological advancements create an environment where change is the only constant. The introduction of cutting-edge technologies and updates not only opens up new possibilities and areas for enhancement but also necessitates numerous adjustments within and outside the code to enhance older… Read More
Security releases blog post! 🚨
Technical 2 min read
We’ve got you covered as long as your application is up to date. Perfection may be elusive, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t strive for it. While it’s not the most comfortable task, sharing security updates is essential in the tech world. Despite its challenges, we prioritize addressing every vulnerability… Read More
Month of Sylius: April 🦢
Ecosystem News 12 min read
Welcome to the April summary! As we turn the page on our holiday break, it’s clear that the pause has not only recharged our batteries but also infused the Sylius community with fresh energy and more innovative ideas. As usual, we’ll dive into the exciting developments and updates that have… Read More
Month of Sylius: March 🌷
Business Ecosystem News 10 min read
Welcome to the summary of March, closing the first quarter of 2024. This time was filled with many contributions and updates, aiming to make Sylius better each day. To do so, we updated a new Sylius Plus website, implemented numerous improvements, released the 1.12.14 version, and published new case studies. Read More
Sylius Plus Module Overview: One Page Checkout
Business < 1 min read
The checkout process is the final step of the customer journey, serving as the crucial moment when intent turns into action. Considering this, it should be smooth and uncomplicated, free from distractions and frustrations that might lead to abandonment. An effective checkout design reduces barriers, encourages impulse buying, and instills… Read More
Sylius Plus Module Overview: Partial Shipment
Business 2 min read
Effective shipment management is a key factor for complex eCommerce businesses. The essential tool that empowers online businesses’ logistics and enhances the shopping experience is the Partial Shipment module in Sylius. Some industries or eCommerce stores fulfilling complex orders, like business-to-business (B2B) stores, B2C merchants operating on a larger scale,… Read More
Sylius Plus Module Overview: Advanced Role-Based Access Control Module (RBAC/ACL)
Business 2 min read
When an eCommerce business expands, team members often grow proportionally. With an increasing and diversified team, managing members efficiently while mitigating risks and preventing errors has become a vital success factor. Implementing robust access controls can help safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, establishing clear communication channels and… Read More
Sylius Plus Module Overview: Loyalty system
Business 2 min read
Loyal customers are one of the most critical factors that drive revenue. They often become brand ambassadors, spreading positive word-of-mouth that can attract new customers more effectively than traditional marketing efforts. By engaging with the brand, they also contribute to improving products and services, helping businesses stay competitive and responsive… Read More
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