Start a new project or just play around

This edition is made for starting new projects. It is a standard Symfony application, which contains Sylius core as a dependency, making it safe and easy to customize and upgrade.

Start by installing Symfony server, and then run the following commands in your terminal:

composer create-project sylius/sylius-standard acme
cd acme
php bin/console sylius:install
yarn install
yarn build
symfony server:start
See also how to install with Docker
docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/app composer create-project sylius/sylius-standard acme --ignore-platform-reqs --no-scripts --no-install

cd acme

make init

open http://localhost/
Start with the tutorial

The official “Getting started with Sylius” tutorial is the best place to start your Sylius adventure. It will guide you through the installation and then you will learn the basics of customization and deployment.

View the tutorial

Take an online course

If you prefer a more interactive form of learning, you can also dive into our Online Course, which is 8 hours of video tutorials with real coding exercises. We offer a 100% no questions asked refund policy, give it a try!

View the online course

Contribute to the Sylius core

This edition is made for code & documentation contributors. If you want to contribute to our project and join our community (and we would be thankful if you do!), please use this development repository on GitHub!

Just a few simple steps to have the Sylius Source code locally:
Create a GitHub account and sign in. Fork the Sylius repository and clone it locally, then add the Sylius/Sylius repository as an upstream;

git clone [email protected]:YOUR_USERNAME/Sylius.git
cd sylius
git remote add upstream git://