Getting started with Sylius is super simple. Choose your preferred method and install it in minutes on your local development environment.

Getting started with Sylius
Online course (8h)
  • Standard Edition
  • Developer Edition


This edition is made for starting new projects. It is a standard Symfony application, which contains Sylius core as a dependency, making it easy to upgrade.

  • Install with Composer
  • Install with Docker (Experimental)

This installation guide assumes that you are familiar with Composer - Dependency Manager for PHP. Run the following commands in your terminal:

composer create-project sylius/sylius-standard acme
cd acme
php bin/console sylius:install
yarn install
yarn run gulp
php bin/console server:start

Sylius is a standard Symfony app, which makes it already highly extendible.

Visit to browse all bundles.

Sylius offers a comprehensive documentation for developers.


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