As an organization we have a clear purpose that drives all our activity. It is to create an

eCommerce framework for any online shopping experience

We aim to shape the future of eCommerce, leveraging the strength of open source and the power of community-driven development. Our team ensures that Sylius as a framework stays up-to-date, innovative, and tailored to the ever-changing needs of modern eCommerce, making it a leading choice for those seeking a customizable and powerful solution.


Let’s go over the timeline of the key events:


Paweł’s mom, Sylwia, and her sister Justyna founded a small cosmetic-selling company for which he developed his first eCommerce platform.


The platform has been rewritten on top of Symfony and published as Open Source on GitHub, which marks the beginning of the “Sylius” Open Source project. website has been published.


With the help of the community, the first pre-ALPHA versions of the Sylius has been developed.


A software house called “Lakion” has been co-founded by Paweł, which developed custom eCommerce applications on top of Sylius and supported the Open Source platform itself.


The team of the software house has expanded and become the foundation for the future Sylius Core Team.


A major rewrite of the platform began, and the first ALPHA & BETA versions have been released.


The Sylius Organization has been kickstarted, and the first stable version (v1.0.0) of the platform has been released.


We have clarified our purpose and ratified Holacracy Constitution. The Sylius Solution Partner Program launched, and the first agencies joined. Our business tripled, and the team expanded.


We have evolved our business model and introduced a commercial edition called Sylius Plus, which was quickly adopted by first Customers!


We have reached 1 million of installs of the “sylius/sylius” package


We have launched SyliusCon, a first ever conference fully dedicated to Sylius, attracting a diverse and engaged audience from around the world.


New management joins Sylius continuing its vision started in 2011, into the eCommerce of 2020s.

Open Source and Transparency

Our core values center around openness and transparency. Through open-source development, we ensure that our codebase remains accessible to all, encouraging collaboration and innovation. But our commitment to open source extends beyond just the code itself. We promote an open culture where ideas are freely exchanged, knowledge is shared, and challenges are tackled together.

We are committed to providing a transparent development process, welcoming feedback and ideas from everyone involved. Together, we strive to build a modern, user-friendly, and customizable eCommerce solution that empowers businesses of all sizes to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Power of the community

Sylius is not just about cutting-edge technology but also about fostering a thriving community. We believe that the collective expertise and diverse perspectives of our community members are the driving force behind our success. We actively involve the community in decision-making processes, roadmap discussions, and development updates. Whether you’re a seasoned developer or just starting, you are welcome to join our community and contribute in any way you can.

Sylius Team

Mikołaj Król
Damian Murawski
Przemysław Połeć
Paweł Jędrzejewski
Jan Góralski
Kamil Grygierzec
Rafał Jaskulski
Szymon Kulczyński
Grzegorz Sadowski
Magdalena Sadowska
Emil Janiszewski
Patryk Baczewski