As an organization we have a clear purpose, that drives all our activity. It is:

Catalyze trade with technology

We believe that making it easier for people to trade goods & services makes the world a better place. The exciting fact that our solutions allow people, who have no clue about each other, to make voluntary win-win transactions drives us as an organization.

Catalyze means “cause or accelerate (a reaction) by acting as a catalyst.”


The rough timeline of the key events for our organization would be:


Paweł’s mom, Sylwia, and her sister Justyna founded a small cosmetic-selling company for which he developed his first eCommerce platform.


The platform has been rewritten on top of Symfony and published as Open Source on GitHub, which marks the beginning of the “Sylius” Open Source project. website has been published.


With the help of the community, the first pre-ALPHA versions of the Sylius has been developed.


A software house called “Lakion” has been co-founded by Paweł, which developed custom eCommerce applications on top of Sylius and supported the Open Source platform itself.


The team of the software house has expanded and become the foundation for the future Sylius Core Team.


A major rewrite of the platform began, and the first ALPHA & BETA versions have been released.


The Sylius Organization has been kickstarted, and the first stable version (v1.0.0) of the platform has been released.


We have clarified our purpose and ratified Holacracy Constitution. The Sylius Solution Partner Program launched, and the first agencies joined. Our business tripled, and the team expanded.


We have evolved our business model and introduced a commercial edition called Sylius Plus, which was quickly adopted by first Customers!

Teal, Agile and Open Source

Teal organizations reject the old type of management and hierarchy and replace it with independence and common purpose. Such organizations are characterized by self-management and wholeness. It means you come to work as a whole human being, with all your strengths and weaknesses. Silencing your ego and using both reason and emotions to pursue the purpose of the organization.

When it comes to development culture, the Agile values are in our blood. Most importantly, we value responding to change over following a plan, that’s why Sylius is following a rather loose and agile Roadmap, and we value customer collaboration over contract negotiation. This is also why, since the very beginning, Sylius is Open Source, and we collaborate with our wonderful community.

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Sylius organization is using a new management system, called Holacracy, which is a wholesale replacement for the traditional management hierarchy.

Holacracy is a part of the Teal movement focused on self-management. Positions, called “Roles,” are defined around the work, not people, and assigned to people according to their skills and talents. Roles are grouped in circles (like traditional departments) and are defined by name, purpose (an inspiring reason to act), and accountabilities.

Roles can be created, removed, or updated during the Governance Meetings. This regular and structured process helps the organization to adapt and process “tensions,” which are problems or opportunities. Decisiveness and authority among the company are distributed to roles, so all decisions are made locally. All of the rules are transparent to the whole organization, and everyone is bound to keep them equally, including the “old” CEO.

Sylius Team

Meet the people who spearhead the evolution of Sylius ecosystem.

Jan Góralski
Kamil Grygierzec
Justyna Hajman
Rafał Jaskulski
Paweł Jędrzejewski
Kevin Kaniaburka
Szymon Kulczyński
Zbigniew Malcherczyk
Przemysław Połeć
Magdalena Sadowska
Grzegorz Sadowski
Olga Smętek
Jakub Tobiasz