Open Source Headless eCommerce Framework
Best of breed architecture

Sylius is designed to be at the heart of your modern eCommerce stack and connect all the dots into a delightful experience for your Customers. Without reinventing the wheel all over again.

You can use the functionality provided out-of-the-box or replace individual puzzles with the integration to your existing or desired PIM, CRM, or Marketing Automation software. Choose the best in each category and don’t be vendor-locked in legacy, centralized solutions.

Architecture Architecture
The real API-first solution

To be at the top of the backend eCommerce technology race, we have decided to build Sylius APIs with API Platform – a framework to develop modern API-driven projects, beloved by all Symfony developers. Build unique customer journeys through any channel and interface with PWA, SPA, or Native Mobile Apps. Whether it is a digital kiosk or a screen in an airplane headrest, there are no limits.

Multi-everything commerce

It does not matter if you are testing a new business idea locally or expanding internationally. Sylius comes with a flexible framework that can cover cross-border commerce, multiple currencies, departments, countries… you name it.

Multi-everything commerce

Manage checkout and order flow

Sylius comes with a flexible checkout and order management flows that allow for easy customization and integration with other systems. No matter where your Customers are, Sylius can facilitate the purchase and handle the entire lifecycle of the order.

Flexible promotions and discounts

In addition to plenty of out-of-the-box promotion scenarios, you have the ability to easily introduce your own rules and actions. Import or generate coupons and configure elastic discounts that increase conversion and sales.

Flexible promotions and discounts
Great performance and scalability

Sylius will adapt to your pace. You can start small and then scale to thousands of orders per hour. It is designed to play well with the most modern and scalable infrastructure.

Adaptable administration panel

Sylius comes with a flexible administration panel that can be easily adapted to your custom needs and serve as the control panel for your eCommerce stack.

Enterprise Open Source software for professional development teams

Sylius is the #1 alternative for professional in-house or agency teams that have enough of corporate, over-engineered software and praise freedom of development.

Sylius Standard

Sylius believes in collaborative and sharing-economy, that’s why we grow an Open Source product and Community filled with passionates who help us shape innovation.

Sylius Plus

To better support challenging projects, we promote the Plus version, saving you time with features tailored to complex implementations.

  • Nine Sylius Plus modules for your own project
  • Enterprise-grade features
  • Flexible, modular eCommerce (buy what’s needed)
  • SLA-backed technical support
  • Dedicated customer service
  • Project Success Assistance

7000+ businesses use Sylius

We have decided to use Sylius because today it is one of the most used e-commerce platforms in the mid-market sector. This has given us greater agility to advance and improve both the front and the back of our online store.

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Evolution over revolution

No one can afford to make a big and costly revolution in their technology every few years. The market is speeding up and won’t wait. At Sylius we live and breathe agile and evolutionary approaches to business, people, and technology. We encode this philosophy in our products and services to replace painful re-platforming projects with graceful and frequent upgrades. Our release cycle and roadmap are fully transparent and we enjoy working with the customers that help shape us the Sylius as a whole.

Strategic project?

Flourishing ecosystem

Sylius ecosystem is growing fast with its community of passionate developers and merchants that work hard to provide the best technology on the market. Leverage a network of system integrators, technology partners, plugins and community events to upgrade your eCommerce game.

7 000+
Github Stars
Downloads in last
30 days
6 000+
Slack users

Cutting edge payments
out of the box

Thanks to the integration with PayPal Commerce Platform, you can scale quickly and let your customers accept and make payments in over 100 currencies across 200+ markets, while PayPal takes care of payment complexity.

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Mollie provides a simple payment API that enables webshop and app builders to implement all relevant international but also local payment methods. The official plugin can handle subscriptions and much more!

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Adyen is one of the leading world-class payment service providers, and it is highly recommended for the enterprise segment. Their rich offer enhances all the recent payment trends covering multiple markets simultaneously. Check the official open-source integration! 

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Tested and testing friendly

Detect and fix problems before they hit your customers and revenues thanks to Continous Integration and Delivery. Sylius is a pioneer in automated testing of eCommerce platforms and encodes this approach in your projects.

Behavior Driven Development makes your team focused on the value for your Customers and not just fancy code. Also, a bonus, better communication between business and engineers in the whole company.