Headless Ecommerce Framework for the Fashion Industry
Discover how Sylius caters to the challenging but exciting fashion and retail industry. The headless architecture of Sylius back end goes far beyond the flexibility level of legacy platforms. Outstanding performance and ease of optimization can handle peak sales during your creative marketing campaigns. Your customers deserve the smoothest shopping process and easy discovery of the latest trends and looks.
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Your digital catwalk is the future of your fashion brand

Fashion and lifestyle brands nowadays face huge competition and their online presence can become a unique competitive advantage on par with their unique style and taste. Your customers need to be able to reach you on all channels and the experience you provide is the key factor in their purchasing process.

Video ad of Sylius-based Italian fashion brand migrated from Magento 1.9 by Webgriffe.
Revenue increase
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We mainly focused on the creative asset to attract the brand’s target audience. Our approach was mobile first in order to reach the younger users’ habits.

Lance Longhi, Digital Art Director at Aniye By

Build your own unique frontend or use VueStorefront

Thanks to the headless architecture implemented in Sylius, you have full control over every single step of your customer’s experience. Your in-house team or certified Sylius Solution Provider can pick the best frontend technology and create a tailored storefront.

Time to market is essential, so you can choose a ready to use integration with the #1 frontend for eCommerce – VueStorefront.

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Fashion market’s revenue will be done via online channels by 2023
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Iconic’s fashion brand physical store using Sylius.

Sylius is built for Omnichannel

From the day one of Sylius, we never assumed the sale needs to happen via a website. The framework supports unlimited channels, variable inventory sources and can easily handle a mixture of online and offline sales.

The checkout can happen at any place and any touchpoint.

We have decided to use Sylius because today it is one of the most used ecommerce platforms in the mid-market sector. This has given us greater agility to advance and improve both the front and the back of our online store.

Toni Milián Artigas
IT Director, Natura Selection

Customizable Multi-everything eCommerce Framework

Returns Management (RMA)

Improve the Customer’s experience when returning items. Allow them to request returns from their “My Account” section, and let your staff review it in the back office panel through a customizable process.

Multi-source Inventory

Ship from the most optimal source. Track product availability in multiple locations. Fulfill your orders partially in case of stock shortages. Includes an integration layer with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS).