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We are a team of young, enthusiastic and skilled eCommerce passionates. We believe that by making it easier for people to trade using technology, we can make the world a better place.

We Create eCommerce Technology That Powers Businesses All Around The World

We are a group of hard-working enthusiasts who aim to build the best eCommerce solutions on the web. Our company was founded to create products and support them with professional development, consulting and training services. We help Open Source community by sharing our code and ideas.

Our story goes back to 2010 when Sylius was a family business selling cosmetics. The company went out-of-business, but the custom eCommerce software powering its website was still a valuable asset. In 2011 it has been rewritten to Symfony and released as a free collection of eCommerce components. It turned out to be an interesting solution for companies all around the world and managed to gather a strong following of developers and a bunch of active contributors.

2013 was an exciting year because the development of the main platform started and brought the community to the next level. In 2014, we co-founded an agency business, which meant to provide commercial services around the project and help with the development of the stable release. Our first BETA release came out in 2016 and the daily package downloads have more than doubled, with the total downloads counter clocking in at over 4,000,000 with more than 400 contributors.

In 2017, we have transformed into a product company and released the first stable version of our product. We started 2018 launching Solution Partner Program, already joined by over 20 awesome solution providers across Europe. In March we have ratified a holacracy constitution, becoming one of the first teal organisations in Poland.

As for 2019, we have been further expanding our Partner Program and professional services scope. In the end of May we have introduced the first paid product – Sylius Plus, which is a powerful set of enterprise-grade features backed with our professional support. 

Our focus now is to further develop the amazing Sylius ecosystem and new solutions. As always, we are excited to see what the future will bring us!


We are a self-managed holarchy of individuals working for the same purpose.

Meet the Sylius Team

Model Management student who’s able to hold a conversation using only song lyrics. Experienced in the field of Recruitment and HR processes as well as Customer Service. When not on the job she loves indulging her passion for bartending and sophisticated puns. Big fan of horror movies and podcasts. USA lover. Coffee addict and an adamant opponent of brussel sprouts.
With Sylius from the early beginning. Kind of an API guy. Automatization and tests lover, clean code purist. Likes sharing his knowledge at conferences. Fan of board games, traveller and lacrosse player in private.
Self taught programmer, rubik’s cube lover and a gamer. Funny guy with some social skills. He doesn’t take life too seriously. Card trick enthusiast, coder by day and night.
Finance & accounting graduate who takes care of Sylius administration. A dreamer and a positive thinker with a passion for traveling. Animal lover. Huge musicals and Broadway enthusiast who is also a little bit of a shopaholic. She is trying to eat and live healthy, but loves chocolate too much. Afraid of moths and raw tomatoes.
Self-taught developer and entrepreneur, who has built an entire career and business through Open Source technology. Speaker at international conferences. PHPers meetups co-organizer. Keen on helping other young entrepreneurs and companies who may want to follow a similar path.
Graduate of financial studies, interested and recently employed in programming. In free time: board games enthusiast who also likes to watch a good movie and sip some tasty wine.
A huge talent and a crazy imagination owner. Exceptional joker. Programmer by day, Krzysztof Krawczyk (famous polish evergreen songs composer) fan by night. Frequent concert-goer who loves to learn useless skills.
Ex-web designer with over 10 years of experience. While working as a designer he wanted to give life to his projects and so he became interested in front-end, which today is his true passion (right after the UI/UX design). Fan of MCU and not necessarily high-budget horror movies. A rollerblade lover in the summer and a snowboard freak in the winter, also a master cheater in the Munchkin card game.
INFP-T type of person focused on becoming a skilled Marketing Specialist. Fascinated with the rapid growth of Social Media. Recharges her batteries with contemporary drama movies, shows and books. Hummus and falafel freak.
Since he got his first PC he became interested in hardware and software development. Fascinated with electronics, experienced in providing IT support and since 2018 aspiring software developer with strong interest in gathering knowledge. Passionate about travelling, camping, motorcycles and car mechanics.
Destined to become an engineer as his father and grandfather before him. Graduated with master degree in Environmental Engineering but passion for trade and building relations with people brought him to sales. Football fanatic, supporting Chelsea FC for almost 20 years now. Wannabe viking, fascinated with nordic culture and mythology. His secret talent is cooking.
As a professional Magda is keen on exploring new business domains, problem solving and project management. She feels really good in teamworking and completing tasks that involve her soft skills (like, believe it or not, writing docs!). Besides, she’s not only a music listener and concert goer but also a musician (singing, piano, ukulele), who’s totally into automotive and teaching as well.
Has over 3 years experience as a PHP and Java Developer. A big fan of BDD methodology and also a little bit obsessed with the Coding Standards. After work, a huge (really huge!) enthusiast of automotive and football. Real Madrid freak.
Born humanist who has found his way in a tech business. Graduated journalism & culture studies together with psychology. PhD in creativity. Loves people & languages. Music freak, local art promoter. Founded a YouTube talk-show with alternative artists and a psytrance events group in Łódź. Blabbermouth. Organiser. Jester. Traveller. Football enthusiast in a difficult relationship with Arsenal.
The crazy man who doesn't take life too seriously. Programming and clean code enthusiast. Likes to travel to new places and gain new experiences. Trade and motoring are his second passion. He always does things differently than others.
Versatile humanist with pretty good social skills, trying to translate them into the IT industry. Great listener and problem-solver. Animal lover focused on keeping good relationship with nature. Keen traveler. Loves poetry but quite selectively. Her head is full of songs’ lyrics and favorite quotes: “Everything changes and nothing stands still.”
Just a regular '90s kid with a head full of new ideas. Enthusiast in general. Online marketing and Social Media freak with nothing but love for storytelling. Fangirl of authenticity in business communication. Still waiting for her letter from Hogwarts.
Being a programmer is not only his job - it is the way of his life. Strong BDD believer and testing enthusiast. Curious about world and passionate about science. Privately a member of medieval reenactment group, a fervent traveller and FC Barcelona fan. Loves discovering new places, meeting interesting people and developing himself to be a better programmer and a better human being.

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