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We’re happy you’ve visited this page - it means you’re genuinely interested in the products we’ve been building for the last few years, and most likely the communication environment around them. Thanks!

What is Sylius

In case you’re wondering, here’s a (slightly long) elevator pitch.

What’re the core products?

In a nutshell Sylius is a PHP e-commerce framework that supports the headless, API-first concepts pretty much as far as you can go. We built Sylius so that it can integrate every aspect of the e-commerce environment – both Sylius Standard for open source users and our commercial solution Sylius Plus. Whatever you want to do with your e-commerce, we’re here to make that happen – because our products are that flexible.

How’d all this start?

Paweł Jędrzejewski, founder of Sylius, initially built Sylius around 2011 because he needed an online shop for his family business. After 10 years, more that 2000 shops worldwide are built with Sylius and Sylius is installed about 40 000 times per month somewhere around the world.

Who’s building Sylius?

We’re a group of e-commerce enthusiasts that want to shape the future of commerce in general. We have an office in Łódź (good luck pronouncing that if you don’t know Polish) but we work from all around the world. Some of us have been hanging together since high school.

Who handles communications?

You can reach out to our head of sales, Tymoteusz Stengert, who can help guide you through Sylius products, our partner network, or if you are based in France – to our country manager, Kevin Bessat, who can help you address questions about Sylius.

Press releases launch – making it easier to understand Sylius benefits in 🇩🇪
30% of Sylius Plus clients conduct business in the DACH market, so we’re spreading the good news (this time in German) that a team of 20 developers & e-com passionates from Łódź in Poland are taking up e-commerce global giants.
New Release: Sylius v1.9 – upgrade to Symfony 5, richer API, PayPal by default & more
Our sprints are named gorgeously after the astral objects in our solar system planets (yup, we skipped Pluto). And leading with that thought we’d like to share what were the goals of all of those sprints since our last release of Sylius 1.8 (September 14th, 2020 till February 2021). Seems like the…

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