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Developer Video Course

The fastest way to learn Sylius for a Symfony developer

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Thanks to the first official Sylius online video course within just 8 hours you will learn how to configure the #1 Omnichannel eCommerce Platform and build a functional webshop. The program is divided into specially designed modules that ensure smooth entry to the Sylius coding world.

“Tired of the legacy approach to eCommerce development? Sylius is coming to the rescue with our first online video course. Prepared by our team that has already trained over 200 developers! I think we have never mentioned it before, but the average rating of our training sessions is 9.59/10.

– Paweł Jędrzejewski, Sylius Founder

After this course students will be able to:

  • Understand Sylius architecture concepts
  • Comprehend coding standards & conventions
  • Properly install and configure the Sylius shop
  • Work with Resources, Grids and State Machines
  • Manage products, process payments & shipments
  • Learn how to customize checkout
  • Adjust shipment calculation logic to your needs
  • Customize state machine of various Sylius resources
  • Get familiar with the adjustments concept

Target audience:

  • PHP & Symfony developers
  • Sylius beginners
  • Freelancers


  • Knowledge of PHP7 and Symfony framework basics
  • Knowledge of Composer
  • Basic understanding of eCommerce business

Program Overview:


  • What is Sylius?
  • Starting a New Project
  • Architecture Overview
  • Understanding Environments
  • Coding Standards & Conventions



  • Working with Resources
  • Creating a custom Grid
  • Understanding the State Machines
  • Sending transactional emails
  • Using and creating DataFixtures
  • Events


Basic Configuration

  • Using channels
  • Multi-currency handling
  • Configuring multiple locales
  • Customers, users & administrators
  • Addresses & geographical zones


Product, Cart & Orders

  • Structure of products
  • Attributes & associations
  • Cart workflow
  • Orders processing & checkout
  • Shipments management
  • Payment processing
  • Promotions & coupons

Proven record of quality services

Only in the last two years we have trained over 200 developers all over Europe. We always survey our trainees to constantly improve trainers’ performance. Thanks to this we know that the average willingness to recommend a training session by Sylius is 9.14/10, which makes us really proud. See more opinions here.


Enjoy being an eCommerce developer again!


All attendees will get access to extra resources: 

  • Sylius Cheatsheet – a beautifully designed and very practical list containing all useful commands, resources, extension points and concepts that speeds up every developer’s work.
  • Live Q&A Session with Sylius Trainer – as soon as the course is launched, we will set up a live Q&A session with Sylius Trainer to answer all your questions arising on the learning path.
  • Course Completion Diploma – get an official confirmation of your Sylius skills and build trust within your customers.

Important information

  • The ticket is for single use only. If you want to purchase the course for multiple usages in your company, contact us to get a special code.
  • Once you purchase the course, you get access to a password-protected WordPress area where you can enjoy all the recorded lessons at your own pace, any time you want. 
  • You don’t need to have a PayPal account to purchase the ticket. After clicking on available payment methods’ logos in the checkout, you will be able to choose payment by card below the default PayPal signup form.
  • If requested, every payment will be fully and unconditionally refunded up to 14 days from the purchase.

Meet your trainer!

The course is led by Mateusz, Sylius Academy Lead. He has cut his teeth on Sylius, being one of the first Core Team Members and also the mastermind behind our training programs. Our platform has been always created for developers, by developers. So are our educational materials!