Sylius Products Roadmap
Where we’re headed with our open-source and commercial products

Our e-commerce framework develops alongside our clients and partners needs and market trends – which in 2022 are still concentrated on the pandemic e-commerce boom, need of platform scalability, API first approach, quick time-to-market execution, headless hype, efficient and flexible code which you can fully customize.

Current Q1 ’23 – Q2 ’23
Parts of the most recent or upcoming sprints. These will be a part of Sylius or Sylius Plus for sure.
Prices History / Omnibus directive compliance
We’re adding a detailed log of product variants’ prices history. With that we will be able to add the functionalities required by the EU’s 98/6/EC “Omnibus” directive on consumer protection in the indication of the prices of products offered to consumers – showing the lowest price of a product 30 days prior to the current price reduction. These functionalities will be available for Sylius 1.11/1.12 via a plugin and since 1.13 in the core platform.
New API stabilization
We’re finalizing the work around the Sylius new API; only 15% of shop features are left to be covered. It’s been so far tagged as an experimental feature and now we’ll make it stable.
Multi Store: Full Multi-tenancy
Separate your administrator accessibility in your multi-store Sylius, regarding access to details from different channels like languages, taxation and products categorization. This is an extension of the existing channel administrators feature.
Next Q3 ’23 – Q4 ’23
What we’re considering working on next, but it still can be replaced by other ideas.
New Admin API integration-ready
As some parts of the Admin API are crucial for integration with other platforms (your stock management, ERP, PIM), we’ll be focusing to cover these first in the new API’s admin perspective.
Catalog Promotions: visual improvements
Catalog Promotion labels will receive a visual configurator (color, size, font etc.).
Sylius User Guide
A visualised document dedicated for administration that will unravel the usage of Sylius.
Returns: shipping
Returns will have an integration with order shipments to track the return of repaired/replaced items.
Advanced Customer Service: Editing orders
One can already change the addresses of the order or split its shipments; but ultimately we’d like to enable editing the already placed orders. Add, remove items, change quantities, apply discounts, change shipping methods or even manually modify the items’ prices.
Multi-Source Inventory: priorities, strategies, backorders
Inventory priorities and strategies: from which inventory source should the items get sold first? Unravel the last mile delivery management within Sylius. Backorders: sell even when you don’t have your products in stock anymore, but they can be ordered from the manufacturer. This will let the items’ stock to go below 0.
Visual Merchandising
Organise the products in their grids (homepage, taxons’ pages) via a convenient drag&drop interface.
Future (ideas)
We follow the market demands but also put a lot of emphasis on creating e-commerce trends ourselves.
Creating orders by Administrator
Until now we’ve had a plugin that supported this feature, although we are considering to move this functionality to core, completely redesigned with a much better UX.
Product Drafts/Versioning
Preparing products offerings before they get published is a very convenient solution for product managers.
Plus features API coverage
Once the new API in Open Source becomes stable, it will be time for Plus features coverage (such as inventory or returns management or Plus Admin API).
Promotion Campaigns
An integrated view to manage both cart and catalog promotions within one campaign. You will be able to integrate CMS and marketing features with it also.
Private Sales
Creating a sale (catalog promotion-based) dedicated only to chosen customer groups, via a special link (landing page).
Pre-Sale Campaigns
Offer a time-limited sales before your items get even manufactured in order precisely plan how many have to be produced and give up overstocking.
Advanced Wishlists
Multiple customer wishlist, that can be shared with friends and added to the cart with just one click.
“Get a quote” feature for B2B Kit
Allow companies to request a quote for selected items
Want to discuss upcoming features?
What we’ve done so far
A list of features recently finished
Returns splitting
It is now possible to split the resolutions proposed to a customer in one return request (2 items refunded, 1 item replaced for instance).
Symfony 6 Support
Boringly predictable. When Symfony releases a new versions, we aim to be first to utilise and give you access to it.
Admin Password Reset
A tiny but timesaving feature for the administration panel. Just like the customers in the Shop now also Administrators will be able to reset their password with a link sent to their email.
Orchestrate Sylius with Docker Containers
After a few open-source attempts in the past, now we would like to create an official Base Sylius Docker image that will be shared and versioned along with Sylius. Sylius will be ready to deploy out of the box.
Sylius Plus smooth installation & modularity
Sylius Plus is a separate plugin-like extension to the open-source version, it has its own installation procedure which we are now aiming to improve. We will be focusing especially on installation for projects upgrading to Plus with the existing codebase on Sylius Standard. Moreover, we will be organizing the Sylius Plus codebase to be modular so that if you’re not willing to use some part of it you will be able to easily get rid of it.
Default Sylius Theme (UI) facelifting
Catalog promotions
Display discounts on chosen product taxons in the catalog, on the product level, not only in the cart. The category, specific products, fixed or % – choice is yours.
Shop features API Platform coverage (85%)
We have already reached the 85% threshold in the Shop features API coverage, having covered the functionalities of the now replaced Shop API Plugin.
PHP 8.0 & 8.1 support, PHP 7.4 drop
Symfony 5 support, Symfony 3 drop
Returns management stabilization
Improve the Customer’s experience when returning items. Allow them to request returns from their “My Account” section, and let your staff review it in the back office panel through a customizable process.
Refunds and invoicing stabilization
Customizable workflows for invoices and credit memos. Reworked documents compliant with legal requirements especially regarding taxation and items data.
Customer Loyalty
Let your customers collect points for their orders basied on your configured loyalty rules (for example: 1 point for every 5$; 2 points for every 10$ spent on T-Shirts; 200 bonus points for buying a given product etc.). Browse the history of points transactions for each Customer. Configure coupon codes to which your customers can exchange collected points and boost your sales.
Sylius Release Cycle

Check the explanation of the Sylius release cycle (i.e. the code & documentation hosted on the main Sylius/Sylius repository).

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Backward Compatibility Promise

Sylius follows a versioning strategy called Semantic Versioning. It means that only major releases include BC breaks.

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Getting Started with Sylius

The official “Getting started with Sylius” tutorial is the best place to start your Sylius adventure.

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