The Agile Sylius Roadmap is now public

The Agile Sylius Roadmap

Our current priorities, plan for the next 1-2 years and vision for the future of commerce.

Sylius is developed using an Agile (Scrum) process. This roadmap should help us and others to navigate their Sylius adventure but can be inaccurate, especially regarding the “Future” items, which represent a more long-term vision. “Current” items represent something that is part of the most recent or upcoming sprints, while “Next” is what we think we will work on next but given the agile and lean nature of our product development process – it’s not set in stone. We accept uncertainty and adapt to our Customers, Partners and Community needs.

Sylius Standard

Parts of the most recent or upcoming sprints
Theming Guide, Bootstrap Theme with Webpack/Encore
Better Transactional Emails (Responsive, Translatable & Per Channel)
Symfony 5 Support, Symfony 3 Drop
Sylius Production Checklist
What we consider working on next, not 100% sure
Shipping Integration Layer with Pick-Up Locations
Autowiring & Autoconfiguration
New storefront and Unified APIs (Evaluating ApiPlatform & GraphQL)
Migration Cookbook/Guide
Shipping Rules
Store Locator
Improved International Sales (Timezones, Countries per Channel)
Caching Fundamentals
Reporting Essentials
Long-term vision, might be inaccurate and will change the most
Better Symfony Flex Support
Symfony Workflow
New Payment Architecture
Catalog Promotions
Symfony Serializer
Product Bundles & Families/Templates
Import / Export Engine in Core
Order Timeline & Notifications
Easier Customization of Fixtures
New Templates Event System
Various Measurement Units (cm, kg, l)
Symfony Mailer
PCI DSS Compliance

Sylius Plus

Parts of the most recent or upcoming sprints
Documentation on
Partial Order Fulfillment
Returns Management Improvement
What we consider working on next, not 100% sure
Configurable Options that affect Price
Administrators per Channel/Business Unit
Priorities and Strategies for Inventory Sources
Store Locator connected to Multi-Source Inventory
Abandoned Cart Reminders
Long-term vision, might be inaccurate and will change the most
Backorders / Pre-Sale Campaign
Customer Loyalty
Saving Credit Cards for Customers
3-6 months
Present-day priorities.
Sylius 1.7 (Q1 2020)
The 7th stable release in the 1.x branch will focus on theming and other DX improvements with Symfony 5 support.
Sylius Store and Technology Partner Program
We want to fill the Sylius Store with key extensions and integrations that are already widely used in the Sylius ecosystem, including SAP, Akeneo or Microsoft NAV.
New Case Studies
Sylius has been used in production for years now by many famous brands and there is plenty of success stories to tell. We are catching up with this effort and plan to publish several new case studies. Stay tuned! V5
Our current website has served us well for quite some and it's time for an upgrade!
Sylius Certification
We are figuring out a transparent, fair and easy way to become a Sylius Certified Developer.
European Expansion
With Sylius Plus and Solution Partner Program 2.0 in place, we are building strategic partnerships in various European markets.
1-2 years
Next steps.
Community Building
Sylius Plus opened a new and stable revenue stream for our organization and we plan to reinvest heavily in community building activities. Expect a Sylius user-group nearby!
Sylius 1.8
This release should focus on laying the ground for the smooth 2.0 upgrade.
Sylius Conference
It's high time to gather Sylius developers, partners and merchants in a single play for at least 2 days. Get ready and stay tuned for the dates and location!
Sylius Cloud
The flexibility of Symfony framework and headless eCommerce opens a whole lot of new possibilities. We are working on PaaS and SaaS offering with our strategic partner.
Sylius 2.0
We strongly believe in evolution, rather than reevolution. Sylius 2.0 powered by Symfony 5 will come with new functionality but a clear and reasonable upgrade from 1.x branch.
3-5 years
Think big, start small.
Catalyzing leaders in the commerce mid-market
Sylius is already powering key players but we want to be a leader in Europe and this segment.
US / China Expansion
There is plenty of trade to catalyze overseas and east from Poland, we hope to expand our ecosystem to one of these markets.
Expanded Product Portfolio
We strongly believe that the principles and key ideas that make Sylius eCommerce Platform great can be applied to other products that help realize our purpose.
Systems-level Evolution
5+ years
Accept uncertainty.
Evolutionary Purpose
"Catalyze trade with technology" is the anchor for all our initiatives and decisions. We don't know exactly where it will lead us but we know it's worth the continuous effort.
We are rebels and break-up with the conventional management structures. We are building a self-managed and constantly evolving organization of talented and motivated individuals. Every tension is important and we create space to get it resolved. One by one.
Lean and Agile
Lean and Agile practices allow us to test and implement new ideas quickly. Whatever the future market will demand from us - we are ready to innovate.
Open Source Community
We tap into the amazing minds in the vibrant community of talented individuals that work towards the same purpose. They help us innovate and stick to our core values.

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