Sylius Products Roadmap
Where we’re headed with our open-source and commercial products

Our e-commerce platform develops alongside our clients and partners needs and market trends – which a.d. 2021 are concentrated on the pandemic e-commerce boom, need of platform scalability, API first approach, quick time-to-market execution, headless hype, efficient and flexible code which you can fully customize.

Headless e-commerce means an API-first approach

The main market trend that drives our product development is the headless approach to e-commerce platforms. This pushes the API Platform concept which allows our clients to be fully decisive in how they want their platform to communicate with different 3rd party applications and data sources in a clear and standardized way.

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Sylius Open Source & Plus Roadmap

Current Q3 ‘21 – Q4 ’21
Parts of the most recent or upcoming sprints. These will be a part of Sylius or Sylius Plus for sure.
Shop Features API coverage
Catalog promotions
PHP 8.1 Support
Next Q1 ‘22 – Q3 ‘22
What we’re considering working on next, but it still can be replaced by other ideas.
Admin features API Platform coverage
Symfony 6 Support
Plus features API Platform coverage
Full Multi-tenancy
Promotion Campaigns
Future (Ideas)
We follow the market demands but also put a lot of emphasis on creating e-commerce trends ourselves.
Multi-source inventory improvements
Pre-Sale Campaigns
Advanced Wishlists
Product Drafts
Creating orders by Administrator
What we’ve done so far
A list of features recently finished
Symfony 5 support, Symfony 3 drop
PHP 8 support
Returns management stabilization
Improve the Customer’s experience when returning items. Allow them to request returns from their “My Account” section, and let your staff review it in the back office panel through a customizable process.
Refunds and invoicing stabilization
Customizable workflows for invoices and credit memos. Reworked documents compliant with legal requirements especially regarding taxation and items data.
Shop features API Platform coverage (75%)
We have already reached the 75% threshold in the Shop features API coverage, having covered the functionalities of the now replaced Shop API Plugin.
Customer Loyalty
Let your customers collect points for their orders basied on your configured loyalty rules (for example: 1 point for every 5$; 2 points for every 10$ spent on T-Shirts; 200 bonus points for buying a given product etc.). Browse the history of points transactions for each Customer. Configure coupon codes to which your customers can exchange collected points and boost your sales.
If you’re managing an e-commerce and are looking for an alternative platform
where you’ll be capable of managing 100% of your code, make sure to try our demo:

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Tymoteusz Stengert New Business Lead at Sylius

Tymoteusz Stengert

New Business Lead
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