The Agile Sylius Roadmap
Our current priorities, plan for the next 1-2 years and vision for the future of commerce.

Sylius is developed using an Agile (Scrum) process. This roadmap should help us and others navigate their Sylius adventure but can be inaccurate, especially regarding the “Future” items, representing a more long-term vision. “Current” items represent something that is part of the most recent or upcoming sprints, while “Next” is what we think we will work on next, but given the agile and lean nature of our product development process – it’s not set in stone. We accept uncertainty and adapt to our Customers, Partners, and Community needs.

Parts of the most recent or upcoming sprints
Full Unified API with API Platform
Symfony Serializer
New Templates Event System
Symfony 5 Support, Symfony 3 Drop
Reporting Essentials
Theming Guide, Bootstrap Theme with Webpack/Encore
Multi-Source Inventory: Priorities and Strategies
What we consider working on next, not 100% sure
Catalog Promotions
Autowiring & Autoconfiguration
Timezones per Channel
Store Locator
Sylius Production Checklist
Configurable Options that affect Price
Abandoned Cart Reminders
Multi-Source Inventory: Offline Stores (basing on Store Locator from Standard edition)
Long-term vision, might be inaccurate and will change the most
Simple B2B Taxes
Advanced Caching
New Payment Architecture
Basic Wishlists (Favourite products list)
Product Bundles & Families/Templates
Shipping Integration Layer with Pick-Up Locations
Better Symfony Flex Support
Symfony Workflow
Symfony Mailer
Migration Cookbook/Guide
Import / Export Engine in Core
Easier Customization of Fixtures
PCI DSS Compliance
Payment Reminders
Various Measurement Units (cm, kg, l)
Channel Types
Backorders / Pre-Sale Campaign
Saving Credit Cards for Customers
Advanced Wishlists
A list of features done recently
Cart & Checkout coverage in Unified API
RESTful API of a unified standard for cart and checkout based on API Platform. Headless checkout in Sylius is now available!
Shipping Method Rules
A system of rules similar to promotion rules, letting, for example, to specify that a chosen Shipping Method is eligible only for orders above a given total or weight.
Countries per Channel
In the channel’s configuration, you can now specify the countries which will be available for the customers in checkout’s addressing step.
Better Transactional Emails
Brand new, responsive email templates that are translatable by default; moreover they are configurable per channel.
Customer Loyalty
Let you customers collect points for their orders basing on your configured loyalty rules (1 point for every 5$; 2 points for every 10$ spent on T-Shirts; 200 bonus points for buying a given product etc.). Browse the history of points transactions for each Customer. Configure coupon codes to which your customers can exchange collected points and boost your sales.
Administrators per Channel
Administrators can become assigned to a chosen Channel, which results in them having access only to data from this Channel (Product Catalog, Customers, Sales)
Sylius Plus documentation on
Sylius Plus documentation is no longer supplied with the package, but published and updated inside the main documentation of Sylius.
Partial Order Fulfillment: Split Shipments
Splitting shipments with a convenient UI within one order.
Returns Management Improvements
Improved Return Requests flow focused on seamless Customer Experience and controllable return rate.