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Upcoming events
SyliusCon 🎉
SyliusCon 🎉
13.11.2024 - 13.11.2024 France / Lyon, France, at the Centre Congrès de Lyo

SyliusCon 2024 will be held on November 13, 2024, in Lyon, France, at the Centre Congrès de Lyon. This is the third edition of the conference, which is dedicated to the Sylius eCommerce platform and its ecosystem. The event is expected to gather around 350 Sylius enthusiasts from all over the world, offering a unique opportunity to connect with leading Sylius experts and engage in insightful discussions about the future of eCommerce.

Past events
PHPers Summit 2024
PHPers Summit 2024
20.06.2024 - 21.06.2024 Poland / Poznań, Poland

PHPers Summit is the largest PHP conference in Poland, bringing together around 1,300 coding enthusiasts. The event will feature five tracks with presentations from 29 speakers from Poland and beyond. This year, we are proud to represent Summit 2024 as a Community Partner. The conference website, built on the Sylius framework, showcases its capability to handle sophisticated eCommerce applications, effectively managing the challenging demands of digital ticket sales.

Paweł Jędrzejewski, the Founder of Sylius, will present a talk titled “Open Source Driven Career: How to Build or Enhance Your Career with Open Source?”

Ecommerce Party 2024 in Toulouse
Ecommerce Party 2024 in Toulouse
06.06.2024 - 06.06.2024 France / 27 Rue d’Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse

Ecommerce Party 2024 is an annual event in Toulouse dedicated to e-commerce and technological innovations, taking place on June 6. Organized by our partner EMAGMA!

It features three main segments:


  1. #E-Business:
    • 9:00 AM – 1:45 PM: Morning sessions for e-merchants focusing on innovative solutions and practical experiences in e-commerce, including lectures, panel discussions, and a buffet.
  2. Workshop SYLIUS:
    • 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM: Afternoon workshops for developers, creating a plugin for Sylius, an open-source e-commerce solution, led by an expert.
  3. Meetup SYLIUS:
    • 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM: Evening MEETUP dedicated to Sylius, followed by a networking dinner and an informal gathering at a bar.


  • Olivier Duffez: SEO Consultant, topic: SEO and e-commerce, AI applications.
  • Ronan Hello: Matomo Consultant, topic: e-commerce tracking from data collection to action.
  • Antoine Bluchet: Technical Director, topic: API Platform updates and future.
  • Łukasz Chruściel: API Designer, topic: Sylius 2.0 features.
  • Sébastien Lourseau: Lead Developer, topic: modern frontend with Sylius.
  • Emil Janiszewski: Country Manager, Sylius.
  • Charles Duvigneau: Tech Lead, topic: Sylius Headless, experiences and best practices.

Date: June 6
Localization: 27 Rue d’Aubuisson, 31000 Toulouse

For more information and registration, visit Ecommerce Party 2024.

eCommerce Day Kaunas
eCommerce Day Kaunas
30.05.2024 - 30.05.2024 Lithuania / Kaunas, Lithuania

eCommerce Day Kaunas is returning, bigger and more ambitious. Experts from top local and international brands like Baltneta, SALESmanago, and Sylius will discuss the future of eCommerce in a no-growth world. The event will cover three perspectives: business vision, digital marketing, and technology, including AI and Big Data, to enhance productivity and customer engagement.

Location: Kaunas, Lithuania
Date: May 30, 2024

Registration link:


SyliusDays 2024
SyliusDays 2024
18.04.2024 - 19.04.2024 Germany / bitExpert HQ, Mannheim, Germany

We’re excited to announce the second edition of SyliusDays taking place on April 18-19 in Mannheim, Germany. 🇩🇪 Hosted by our esteemed partner, bitExpert AG, and our friend Stephan Hochdörfer, this occasion promises to be a fantastic gathering for our community, welcoming new members from all over Europe. 🇪🇺 This year we have prepared an even better experience: the first day will focus on interactive workshops to deepen your understanding of Sylius, followed by a day filled with insightful presentations, networking opportunities, and of course afterparty! 🎉

If you’re interested in contributing as a speaker or sponsor, don’t hesitate to reach out through our website. 👇

Sylius Polish Community Meetup 🦢
Sylius Polish Community Meetup 🦢
21.03.2024 - 21.03.2024 Poland / Tadeusza Czackiego 15/17, 00-043 Warsaw

We are thrilled to invite everyone to the first Sylius meetup of the year, the 3rd edition of the Sylius Polish Community Meetup! 🦢

The meetup will take place on March 21st in Warsaw and will be hosted by BitBag, our long-standing partner. During the event, you will have the opportunity to listen to presentations dedicated to Sylius and its ecosystem, and after the presentations, engage in networking over pizza and beer! 🍺🍕

This meetup is aimed at the Polish-speaking community, 🇵🇱 we will soon announce the speakers and presentation topics, so keep an eye on our profile. 📢

We invite you to participate, spots are limited! 🎫

Symfony Community Night
Symfony Community Night
22.02.2024 - 22.02.2024 Germany / Cologne, Balthasarstraße 79

Symfony Community Night is a meetup organized and moderated by Olivier Kossin from QOSSMIC. This format’s second edition was a great success last year and is now returning with even greater enthusiasm. 🌟

Unlike traditional Symfony User Group meetings, Symfony Community Night stands out with its unconventional approach. There won’t be typical lectures; instead, we’ll have the chance to engage in a panel discussion with four fantastic guests from the Open Source Shop Community. 🗣️

We must also not forget our special guest, Mateusz Zalewski, a veteran Core Team member from Commerce Weavers, who will also participate in this event. It’s a unique opportunity to meet and share knowledge with experienced experts from the Symfony and eCommerce industry. 🤝

Save the date! The event will take place at the QOSSMIC GmbH headquarters located at Cologne, Balthasarstraße 79, on February 22, 2024, at 19:00 CET. 📅

To register for the event, please click on the following link 📝👇

ConFoo Montreal 2024
ConFoo Montreal 2024
21.02.2024 - 23.02.2024 Canada / Bonaventure Hotel 900 de La Gauchetière West, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H5A 1E4

ConFoo Montreal 2024 is a dynamic multi-technology conference specially designed for developers. Scheduled for February 21-23, 2024, in Montreal, Canada, 🇨🇦 this event showcases 155 presentations from international experts. The conference spans various topics, including Software Architecture, Quality & Security, Management, Artificial Intelligence, DevOps, and programming languages like PHP, Java, .Net, JavaScript, and Python. 🧠 It’s an excellent opportunity for learning, networking, and gaining insights from leaders in the tech industry. Attendees can also expect additional perks like food, t-shirts, and other swag items. 🍔👕

🌟 We’re thrilled to announce that our veteran Core Team member, Łukasz Chruściel from Commerce Weavers will be there. He’s presenting two insightful talks: “Need for Speed: Removing Speed Bumps in API Projects” and “Sylius 2.0, Top-Notch eCommerce for Customizable Solution,” where he’ll offer a sneak peek into Sylius 2.0. Don’t miss this opportunity for learning, networking, and innovation. 🚀

For more details, visit ConFoo Montreal 2024! 🌐

SyliusCon 2023
SyliusCon 2023
03.11.2023 - 03.11.2023 Poland / Poznań, Poland

Building on the resounding success of the first-ever SyliusCon, this year’s edition promises to be even more exhilarating and insightful. 🦢 SyliusCon brings together industry leaders, developers, and like-minded individuals from around the globe to share knowledge, explore the latest trends, and connect with fellow Sylius enthusiasts.

Get ready for a captivating lineup of keynote speeches, informative workshops, and interactive sessions that will empower you with the skills and insights to elevate your eCommerce game. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your network, gain invaluable knowledge, and be part of shaping the future of eCommerce with Sylius!

Join us on November 3rd 2023 in Poznan, Poland! ➡️ Get your tickets now in a discounted price, valid only until October 10th!

Sylius Days
Sylius Days
08.09.2023 - 09.09.2023 France / Paris, France

Sylius Days is a technical event aimed mainly at developers but also at people from the community who want to expand their knowledge and skills about Sylius. The event will be held on 8-9 September 2023 in Paris, France.

On Friday, there will be three programming workshops. Sylius Essentials – everything you need to know to start working with Sylius. During the workshops you will learn how to use Symfony and API Platform to start building outstanding tailored online shopping experience with Sylius, the best open-source eCommerce framework.

Saturday will be the day of the hackathon related to:
– Development of Sylius plugins
– Creating a Sylius theme
– Contribution to the core

The culmination of the day will be presentations, which will start at 3:00 PM.

FashionWeAre – fairs in Łódź, Poland
FashionWeAre – fairs in Łódź, Poland
23.08.2023 - 24.08.2023 Poland / Łódź, Poland

Sylius team will be present at the FashionWeAre exhibition in Łódź, a B2B-focused fairs for the fashion and textile industry. If you’re there, visit our booth!