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Past events
PHPers Summit 2021
PHPers Summit 2021
01.10.2021 - 02.10.2021 Poland / Poznań, Poland

PHPers Summit is the largest event for the PHP community in Poland. After a break in 2020 it comes back to Poznań, however it will also be available online.

It starts with a workshop day on Friday, October 1 and the main conference takes place the following day.

Sylius is a bronze sponsor of the conference and you can expect our numerous presence, some of us will also hit the stage to present some cool Sylius-related novelties.

PHPers Summit 2019
PHPers Summit 2019
05.09.2019 - 07.09.2019 Poland / Poznań, Poland

The biggest Polish PHP conference. This year Sylius team members will be very active there. On Thursday, September 5 we are leading two workshops:

  • [EN] One scenario, several interpretations – how to code without worrying in PHP – Łukasz Chruściel
  • [PL] Online store in one day, or how to start using Sylius – Mateusz Zalewski

Also, on Friday, September 6, Łukasz will give a talk “A short tale about State Machine”. The day after you may enjoy Kamil Kokot’s presentation “BDD your application”.

We’re also happy to see our Croatian Partner Locastic CEO – Antonio Perić-Mažar giving the workshop REST easy with API Platform and the talk “Symfony 4: A new way to develop applications”.