Headless eCommerce Platform for the Home and Garden Industry
E-commerce is booming in the home and garden industry. From virtual interior design consultations to augmented reality try-before-you-buy experiences, the possibilities are endless! Discover how Sylius can help you grow and offer a seamless purchasing journey to your customers. Sylius' powerful features make it a perfect choice for home and garden retailers, with the headless architecture that allows for the highest flexibility.

Switch to a bespoke ecommerce platform

Sylius is built on top of modern technologies like PHP and Symfony, which makes it fast, scalable, and easy to customize.

This means that you’ll be able to handle the demands of your business as it grows, without worrying about the limitations of your platform.

Tediber, an innovative mattress company from France, decided to ditch WooCommerce and WordPress and go headless with Sylius. The company saw a two-fold decrease of website’s loading time and noticed a 25% revenue growth within just one year after migrating. The website handles such traffic with no problem.

Sylius is a very flexible eCommerce framework based on Symfony. We can extend all the existing functions to match our needs quite easily.

Guillaume Bidan
CTO of Tediber
Revenue growth after migrating to Sylius
decrease of the loading time
positive customers reviews

Offer omnichannel and seamless customer experiences

Give your clients the flexibility to shop from wherever they are – online or offline. It should be easy for shoppers to discover your products, click and collect, or order them straight to their homes.

Sylius is all about omnichannel customer experiences and integrating online and offline shopping. Our framework supports unlimited channels and can easily be customized to your multi-channel strategy.

Master SKU and inventory management with Sylius

Sylius allows to manage a wide range of products, including tracking and taking down out of stock items, updating the product information, and media.

With Sylius’ Multi-source Inventory feature, you can easily ship from the most optimal source, track product availability in multiple locations, and fulfill your orders partially in case of stock shortages. It also includes an integration layer with your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) or Warehouse Management System (WMS).

furniture brands

Having in our catalog over 30000 products and still counting, we are happy to say that Sylius platform allows us to do it very fast and in a very convenient matter. Thanks to Sylius we have one single platform, where we can collect information about the orders, and execute easy and fast handling.