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Casa Palacio – an Ecommerce Site Revamped with Sylius
Casa Palacio, a division of Palacio del Hierro (the biggest chain of department stores in the country) is one of the most popular exclusive household appliances in Mexico.
Casa Palacio – an Ecommerce Site Revamped with Sylius


Revamp Ecommerce Site with New Look & Feel

Casa Palacio needed to strengthen its online presence with a revamped ecommerce site. The challenge was to combine the look & feel, the contents related to products’ offer and the checkout process. To achieve this, they hired The Cocktail, a very well known Spanish web development agency.

We had to rethink and rebuild this site, keeping in mind all the connections with external services that Casa Palacio was already using. One of them is a SOAP Service to update product info, amount in stocks, pricing, shipping and event payment.

casa palacio


Sylius’ Symfony Base as an Answer to All Development Needs

With these requirements in mind, the engineering team of The Cocktail thought of Sylius as a perfect solution for all clients’ needs. We knew that Sylius doesn’t offer all those features from scratch. On the other hand, we also knew that Sylius standard solution was Symfony based and that could be a great starting point to add new features.

Hence, we added some necessary external libraries (say, pdf export of sales reports) and developed our own bundles for more specific needs. For example, the CMS part or the payment gateway, which we based on Payum (payment processing library supported by Sylius). The way that Symfony and Sylius are built allowed us to tackle all the challenges one by one, without any dependencies between them.

“Sylius is a breath of fresh air in the PHP Community. I’m amazed about the quality of the code and its development process. I think Sylius can fit perfectly for any kind of project, now matter how big or small it is.”
Carlos Revillo, PHP Team Lead at The Cocktail


Easily Operating with 5000 SKUs

Currently the shop manages more than 5000 SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), all of them categorized in different tags. Besides, thanks to the custom CMS added, Casa Palacio team can create several types of pages consisting of one or more blocks. What is more, they have a centralized place to view reports about shipping process, with info coming from external shipping services. Also, there’s even a fraud detection with info recollected in the payment process.