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Quality Codebase & Customizability


"We were amazed about the quality of the codebase and how easily we were able to customize it to our needs."

Gabi Udrescu, Product Owner, BestValue

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A Breath of Fresh Air in the PHP Community


"Sylius is a breath of a fresh air in the PHP Community. I'm amazed about the quality of the code and its development process. I think Sylius can fit perfectly for any kind of project, now matter how big or small it is."

Carlos Revillo, PHP Team Lead at The Cocktail

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Graceful Extendibility


"Sylius has worked out really well for our project. There's so much that comes out of the box 'for free' and when we needed to modify or extend functionality, Sylius made it very clear how to do that gracefully."

Patrick McDougle, Software Engineering Manager, POPSUGAR

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Sylius provides all features necessary for successful growth of your business. If you are facing a custom eCommerce challenge, our technology is for you.

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Sylius is fully based on the best PHP framework - Symfony. High quality of code, SOLID principles & testing practices make it a pleasure for every developer.


Sylius is fully Open Source, released under the most permissive MIT license. Our community of passionate developers and merchants works hard to provide the best eCommerce technology in the world.

  • "Sylius is a great eCommerce framework for the market of today and tomorrow. Its flexibility and great architecture allow us to provide awesome projects in no time, which means a lot to our customers. We loved it so much that we decided to work only on top of it."

    Mikołaj Król, CEO BitBag

  • "Sylius helps us selling merchandise online thanks to some attractive customisations like dynamic cart and practical features like invoicing with credit memos. We are really satisfied with it."

    Communication Manager, Mast-Jägermeister CZ

  • "Nowadays an eCommerce platform should focus a little bit less on the out-of-the box features and much more on providing a high quality, easy to expand and easy to customize architecture. Sylius is exactly this. "

    Manuele Menozzi, CTO Webgriffe

  • "Sylius is currently the most exciting e-commerce framework on the market. Cleanly programmed and easily expandable, developed by an enthusiastic team and a great community. In the next few months many amazing Sylius projects will be created and we are looking forward to participating."

    Andreas Illig, CEO solutionDrive

  • "Ok guys, time's coming to put focus on Sylius, probably the best thing eCommerce and PHP developers got since Mage 1.0."

    Loïc Caillieux, CEO Emagma

  • "39 days, full B2B ecommerce store, 1 developer. Thanks Sylius!"

    Myke Hines, Software Engineer at Apple


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