Become a certified Sylius developer
Do you know Sylius inside and out? Now you have a chance to prove it and earn recognition among the community!

Get a competitive edge in the Sylius community

This certification is for you if you feel confident about your Sylius-related skills. It is our highest-level qualification – an ultimate proof that you are a proficient Sylius developer. Sylius Certification provides a unique opportunity to grow your resume and to demonstrate your knowledge to peers.


Do you easily configure Sylius-based ecommerce platforms? Can you debug Sylius code? The advanced level means you passed the certification and obtained at least 70% of correct answers.


Do you have a deep understanding of Sylius? Are you an experienced, skillful developer? The expert level means you passed the certification and obtained at least 90% of correct answers.
60 questions
20 topics
75 minutes
In English

Be prepared to answer 60 questions about:

  • State machine implementation in Sylius
  • Order processing logic
  • Functionalities provided by default and how to extend them
  • Shop configuration and its influence
  • Product catalog management
  • Only UI (no API)
  • And other questions related to Sylius (v. 1.11), Sylius Resource Bundle (v. 1.9), Sylius Fixtures Bundle (v. 1.8), Symfony (v. 5.4)