Professional services
Implementing modern eCommerce projects takes hard work and requires unique know-how. Get help from experienced trainers, coaches and architects who created Sylius.
Increase the skills of developers
On-site training

If you are part of or lead an eCommerce development team, there is no better way to learn Sylius than from the source. Our seasoned trainers constantly evolve a battle-tested (hundreds of trained developers!) programs that teach everything you need to start building Sylius projects.

Online course

Want to get a taste of Sylius? Take an online course for developers, which is 8 hours of videos packed with essential knowledge and exercises.

Sylius training
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“A three-days on-site training is the best way to be productive from the beginning with Sylius. Kamil, our trainer, is a real force of nature. The training puts a lot of focus on testing, so not only we learned how to customize Sylius, but also how to do it with high quality and easy to maintain code.”

Manuele Menozzi, CTO at Webgriffe

Consulting services

Start your project the right way

Are you wondering where to start? The list of business requirements is endless? We got you covered. We developed proven ways to start a Sylius project effectively and turn business goals into plans, systems, and get your project up-to-speed in no time.

Design architecture

The only way to go fast is to go well. We help development teams create big picture architecture and advise on the best practices for specific features and modules.

Integrate Sylius

REST APIs, GraphQL, SOAP, or FTP uploads of CSV files? You name it, and we help you integrate Sylius with other systems in the most efficient way through advisory and workshops.

Work with the Core Team

Pick a brain of the creators of the Sylius framework and save days or even months of development. Sylius technology, combined with tailored training and consulting, will make your project optimal and successful.

Optimize the platform

You are not sure if your Sylius project is living its best life? As the creators of the core, we can take a look and provide you with a comprehensive report with recommended and prioritized improvements.

Migration projects are never easy and that’s why we designed Sylius to promote evolutionary development as a replacement for painful platforming. But to get on that track, you first need to get rid of the Technical Debt accumulated over the years or months (yikes!). We will help you map and design the migration plan to Sylius.

The go-live is the key moment in the project’s lifecycle and we have proven methods to minimize the risk by verifying the critical aspects of a Sylius installation. You receive a backlog of improvements that will make the big day a success.

Software projects can be complex and after investing in the development services, you might want to know if that was “money well spent”, so that your future projects are even better. We can verify the work of your provider and provide them with guidance and recommendations on how to make the platform even more future-proof.

Work with the core team
“In three days of intensive training Core Developer Mateusz introduced us to the secrets of Sylius with a great enthusiasm. We learned how to extend Sylius and create new plugins. We put lots of emphasis on Behaviour Driven Development, which is fundamental for working with the framework. We are now well prepared for future Sylius projects.”
Tina Otto, Project Manager at Netlogix

Evaluate Sylius

You are not sure if Sylius is even the right solution for you? We are a purpose-driven company full of passionate problem solvers. Our live demos are not scripted, and we dive deep into your business goals to see if Sylius is a fit for the challenge or opportunity you are facing.

The first call is completely free, and you can ask any question about Sylius and eCommerce technology.