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Fully-Customizable Ecommerce for NY Furniture Outlets
New York Furniture Outlets, Inc in one of the leading US-based online furniture retailers, offering exceptional customer service, wide range of products and a convenient way of furniture shopping.
Fully-Customizable Ecommerce for NY Furniture Outlets


Building a fast, scalable and fully-customizable ecommerce

Since 2004, New York Furniture Outlets operates in the domain of online retail and is committed to offer convenient way to buy the furniture online. We had an old website, built on asp.net core, that didn’t received any significant changes since 2005, had a lot of bugs and errors and required significant changes. In 2018 we decided to make a step forward and completely change the website, starting from back end to the comfortable and easy to use UI.

Main challenge was to build a fast, multi-function and scalable e-commerce solution to solve all tasks at once, providing easy-to-use interface of the online furniture shop for the customer and at the same time giving an ultimate functionality and scalability of the back-office functions.

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Sylius: ultimate solution with maximum customizability

We had a very difficult choice among various platforms and frameworks, starting from continuing working with asp.net or looking for other options that would allows us to succeed in our challenge. Our choice stopped at Sylius and, now, we are very happy that we made this choice. 

“Sylius – is probably the best e-commerce framework our team had experience with. Fast, scalable and customizable it does the job for an A+”
Alex Sarovsky CEO, New York Furniture Outlets, Inc


Wonderful Performance with over 25 thousands products and keeping going.

For now we have over 25 thousands of products of over 25 furniture brands in our product range, continuously expanding our furniture range. Talking about customization, we rethinked and made a different payment flow, implemented brand structure and customer registration features. We benefit from the high speed of page loads provided by extremely optimized processes within the framework. We would like also to express special thanks to the Sylius community, that assisted in developing and troubleshooting, making the process faster and easier.