Sylius is one of the most popular developer-friendly (⭐️ 6,5k GitHub stars!) eCommerce platforms out there – our approach ensures the highest quality of the code, a strong testing environment, and we use BDD quite religiously. Join the pioneers of modern code in Poland/Europe and become a part of one of the biggest Polish Open Source projects.

Why Sylius? #DeveloperPerspective
100% Symfony

Sylius has been the first among all e-commerce platforms to recognize the power of Symfony over 10 years ago. We have been working with the best PHP framework in the world since the PreAlpha Symfony 2.0 version and Sylius is one of the biggest Symfony projects worldwide – our development team can be easily called one of the best Symfony developers in Europe. It’d be difficult to find better people to learn from and grow. Thanks to the special relationship with the Symfony Core Team, we are regularly leading workshops and presentations on their conferences and meetups all over Europe. What is more, API Platform & SensioLabs are our partners, and we collaborate with Symfony masterminds in other verticals.

Sylius is built on strong BDD fundamentals – after years of using it in open-source as well as in commercial projects, we are quite the pioneers of this approach in Poland, if not Europe, and we’d be happy to share our experience with you. Our Core Team members have created and still maintain official Symfony extensions for Behat, the famous php framework for automated testing. Our test suite also consists of PhpSpec & PHPUnit. Not to mention SOLID principles that we obey, it is clear that we are serious about our software reliability.

For years, we have been working in Agile & Scrum sprints, delivering value praised by thousands of developers worldwide. With methodologies like Architecture Decision Record and Event Storming we have been able to build an architecture that is scalable, flexible, and supports any kind of project, from small to really big ones. Contribute your ideas and explore your imagination!

Everyone does it, but who does it right? Sylius GIT in all its complexity is clear and expandable. We maintain multiple branches, subtree splits, and merge it all in a proper manner, minding the dependencies. Sylius is loved for its stability and a strong backward compatibility promise.

Learn from the top European API design team – Sylius comes with a powerful API built with API Platform – the best REST & GraphQL framework in the Symfony ecosystem that enables seamless and highly standardized integrations with any 3rd party application and frontend.

Have you ever wondered what big websites that you browse look like under the hood? Well, we know a bit about it. In your daily work, you will have a chance to solve real-world problems of brands like Dr Oetker, 4Care, or Raiffeisen, with billions of euros flowing every year through the platform that you shall develop! Then you will start to notice that our customers are everywhere and feel like you have a real impact on the world around you. Exciting, isn’t it?

Become a certified Sylius trainer, a professional architecture consultant, or a talking-head and spread Sylius knowledge on worldwide events. Try different things and see what works for your best – we’ll be happy to assist you in finding the right path for you to grow. 🙂

Open Source forever
Work on the biggest Polish open-source project with a giant community worldwide:
4 400+
community developers on public Slack
2 500+
production stores
11 M+
all packages downloads
business partners
~3 000
installs per day, 60 000+ per month, and 1,4 M overall
Why Sylius? #PartnerPerspective
Self-management with Holacracy

We are partners, not employees. It’s not just an empty slogan – it is a legal and everyday reality for us. For more than 3 years we have been using Holacracy as a system for self-management and we’ve built a novel legal structure for Sylius based on the same principles. You can enjoy the freedom and accountability of a business partner and make a true impact on our products, community and ecosystem.

We aspire to be the change we want to see in the world. Sylius is not business as usual. We capture the purpose of our Organisation as “Catalyze trade with technology” and believe that conscious business is a force for good. If contributing to the evolution of how people trade sounds exciting to you, maybe we can build something together!

If you are tired of the “hustle hustle” culture, you might just fit in. We love excellence, we work hard and we know why we do it but profits are just means to an end. Sylius is free from the pressure of conventional VC-funded companies. As a self-funded organization, we like things balanced and sustainable in the long-run.

Information is power and we want all our Partners to be powerful and express their full potential in pursuit of common purpose. All internal and non-customer data is fully transparent (including compensation, financial results, cash flow…) and available to you, so you can make the best decisions where the work should be done.

These are our roots and we are committed to developing the Open Source ecosystem of Sylius. You can get to experience what it’s like when thousands of strangers come together to build a digital product and become part of a community that helps trade about 2 billion Euro in volume every year. We make the essential part of our unique know-how and intellectual property completely free to the world.

Sylius is an Organisation for grown-ups. We trust each other like adults, so we do not care where and when you do the work for the Organisation but rest assured we hold each other accountable for the results and work that needs to be done.

We believe the true motivation comes from the inside and both stick and carrot are old-fashioned, so we don’t do individual or team bonuses. That being said, we love playing towards the same goal and celebrating #victories (enlightening #defeats too), so we have a company-wide quarterly bonus based company profits (10% of the income).

We love learning and growing for the sake of common purposes. We host internal meetups, training sessions and workshops. If it contributes to the Organisation, you can take an external training or workshops of your choice after pitching to and seeking advice from your peers and internal experts.

We like “enough and just in time planning”. First and foremost, we are practitioners, we invest by experimenting, we grow by experiencing. Does it make sense to your role? Get some advice and give it a shot, otherwise we’ll never know. We are resilient to change, which is the only constant here.

3 years ago I made my first step into the world of Software Development – now I am the Core Team member, who makes a R&D of PWA in a free time, and helps the team as a Scrum Master. What is Sylius to me? Sylius is the great place for self-grow with friendly ambience and talented devs, who are always eager to share their knowledge.
Adam Kasperczak
Software Engineer

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What’s the recruitment process?

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Business Development Representative
Szukamy kogoś, kto wesprze nasz zespół Business Development. Kogoś zajaranego pracą z ludźmi, rozwiązywaniem problemów i procesami sprzedażowymi! read more

Regional Business Developer Germany
We’re looking for a Regional Business Developer with German, a passion for understanding sales processes, and a genuine interest in helping Customers solving their problems by providing them with professional advice. 🙂 read more

Mid Symfony Developer
We’re looking for a Mid Symfony Developer, with Symfony production experience.
8 000 – 12 000 PLN net/month – B2B, 100% remote and flexible hours read more