The Agile Sylius Roadmap is now public


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How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Your eCommerce Business

Content marketing strategy is “the planning, creation, delivery, and governance of content.” Let’s explore how you’d plan, create, deliver, and govern your contents for your e-commerce business.

5 hints on how to choose your eCommerce Platform

Ecommerce platforms are the backbone of any online retail store; if an online store was a building, then an eCommerce platform would be the foundation, supporting the business created on top of them.

Technical debt silently throttles your eCommerce revenue

What is Technical Debt? It is the sum of all deficiencies in the inner quality of your codebase. The term was coined by Ward Cunningham and I love how elegantly it describes the reality of many software development projects.

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5 trends to keep your eye on in eCommerce industry

The maze is getting stranger and it’s really hard to choose the best solutions for your type of e-business? I know what you mean so I’ve prepared 5 types of trends that will help you move your eCommerce to another level in 2019! 

Community Highlights #2 – Sylius Resource Bundle

From this blog post you can learn how Sylius Resource Bundle can help you in your Symfony projects!

Introducing Sylius Plus

We are excited to announce Sylius Plus - the next step in the evolution of our product.

CVE-2019-12186: XSS injection in the Grid component

We strive to make sure Sylius is a secure choice for you. Learn more about the XSS vulnerability in the Grid component.

Sylius v1.5.0 released

Three and a half months after the latest minor release, we are back with Sylius v1.5.0.

How to run a recruitment process in a Holacratic way?

It's time to tell you a very enlightening story about how hard it was to come up with a coherent recruitment process compatible with all Holacracy principles.