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Month of Sylius: June ☀️

Welcome to the June summary! Throughout June, Sylius continued to thrive with valuable contributions from our vibrant community and exciting product updates:

Let’s start June’s summary! ⬇️

Product updates

The recent updates in Sylius highlight significant advancements in both the 2.0 and 1.x versions across various repositories. For version 2.0, the focus has been on enhancing the Bootstrap Admin Panel, Bootstrap Shop, and upgrading API to API Platform 3. Key improvements in the Bootstrap Admin Panel include comprehensive Behat test coverage for various indices and resources, UI enhancements, and extensive DX refactoring. The Bootstrap Shop has seen updates like adding styles for various pages and fixing template paths. The API has been steadily upgraded to API Platform 3 with specific enhancements to the product, admin user, and locale endpoints.

For the 1.x versions, notable changes include the integration of Symfony 7 support across multiple bundles such as Taxation, Channel, Product, and others, ensuring broader compatibility and improved functionality. Maintenance and documentation updates have been frequent, with improvements to the README, cron example docs, and the addition of database schema links. Bug fixes and enhancements to the SyliusResourceBundle and SyliusGridBundle repositories ensure a more stable and efficient system. Furthermore, the Sylius-Standard repository has incorporated dependency updates and added support for Docker Compose V2, enhancing deployment options. The InvoicingPlugin also received UI improvements, enhancing the user experience for order details. These updates collectively aim to refine user experience, enhance system stability, and streamline development processes across the Sylius ecosystem.

Top Contributors

  • GSadee – Enabled Behat test scenarios for various functionalities and upgraded Locale resources. Contributed to multiple maintenance tasks and API enhancements.
  • bartek-sek – Implemented various frontend improvements for the shop, including adding styles for different pages and fixing template paths. Enhanced user navigation and category sidebars.
  • NoResponseMate – Addressed several bugs and worked on admin panel enhancements. Contributed to the product attributes view and fixing UI processes.
  • loic425 – Added Symfony 7 support for multiple bundles and improved routing by moving factories into sub-directories. Contributed to overall compatibility and future-proofing of the system.
  • Wojdylak – Developed features for the admin panel, such as tracking promotions and managing product taxons. Contributed to Behat tests and various admin functionalities.
  • mpysiak – Worked on Behat tests for the admin panel and covered various indices. Contributed to API enhancements and product endpoint fixes.
  • Rafikooo – Focused on enabling Behat test scenarios and maintaining various admin functionalities. Worked on dashboard statistics and enhancing the user experience.
  • jaroslavtyc – Contributed to improving dependencies and enhancing developer experience. Focused on refactoring and code quality enhancements.

Announcing SyliusCloud powered by Platform.sh! 

We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Platform.sh that allowed us to create Sylius Cloud – a cloud option via PaaS for Sylius enthusiasts. Platform.sh, a renowned Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) provider, ensures a seamless, secure, and scalable cloud environment for Sylius users. This collaboration simplifies infrastructure management, offers multiple environment setups, and supports major cloud providers like AWS, GCP, and Azure. With robust security, automated backups, and CI/CD capabilities, Sylius Cloud promises faster deployment and enhanced performance, catering to developers, agencies, and enterprises alike.

Discover more about this innovative solution 👉 sylius.com/blog/sylius-cloud-by-platform-sh

Cheat Sheet

In June, we released an updated version of our cheat sheet to gather all essential Sylius information in one place. It includes two pages detailing the most important Sylius models, services, state machines, events, commands, and more. 

Full PDF version

Events 🌇

The eCommerce world and the Sylius ecosystem have been very active recently. Therefore, let’s recap the events from June and briefly discuss the upcoming one. 

Past events 🔙

Ecommerce Party – Toulouse 2024

The Ecommerce Party took place on June 6th in Toulouse, celebrating Sylius and its vibrant ecosystem. Organized by EMAGMA, a trusted partner for seven years, the event brought together industry leaders and community members. A special recognition goes to Loïc Caillieux and the entire EMAGMA team for their outstanding organization.

Highlights of the event included the debut stage appearance of Emil Janiszewski, our Country Manager, who provided an overview of Sylius’s evolution and future business strategies. Our esteemed community members Łukasz Chruściel, Charles Duvigneau, and Antoine Bluchet also shared their expertise and valuable insights, significantly enriching the discussions – big kudos to them!

The event was a great time spend with eCommerce community, marked by engaging presentations and community interactions, leaving attendees with a deeper understanding of Sylius’ current state and future directions. 

PHPers Summit 2024

Moving on, on June 21st, we sponsored and participated in #PHPersSummit2024, one of the key conferences for the PHP community in Poland, gathering around 900 enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders. Our booth drew significant interest in Sylius, with many attendees asking questions and 67 participants joining our contest. Despite its difficulty, several contestants provided impressively concise answers. Congratulations to the first, second, and third places! 👏

One of the highlights of the event was Sylius founder Paweł Jędrzejewski‘s presentation, “Open Source Driven Career,” which will soon be available on our YouTube channel. We would also like to thank the organizers, KwakDuck, especially Sebastian Dudek and Konrad Siamro, for this amazing and well-planned event.

Thank you all for visiting our booth, for the interesting conversations, smiles, and your active participation in our contest. See you next year! 

Bunnyshell webinar

The Bunnyshell webinar held on June 25th featured Amin Al Ali Al Darwish, DevOps Engineer at Bunnyshell, and Jacob Tobiasz, Software Engineer at Commerce Weavers and Sylius Core Team member. They discussed Sylius’s integration of Bunnyshell for a seamless CI/CD process, highlighting the challenges faced before adopting preview environments. The session covered the technical setup, improvements in testing speed, deployment frequency, and overall development efficiency. Community feedback and future enhancements were also addressed, emphasizing the significant positive impact on Sylius’s workflow and user experience.

If you missed the webinar, you can check out the recap here 👉 bunnyshell.com/webinars/sylius/

Webinar about the most anticipated release of Sylius 1.13!

On June 11th, Mikołaj Król, CEO of Sylius, presented a webinar on the release of Sylius 1.13, streamed live on YouTube. The webinar highlighted new features such as the Sylius Unified API, the Price History feature, enhanced services autoconfiguration with PHP8 Attributes and Interfaces, and Symfony Workflow. The event concluded with a Q&A session.

The webinar is now available here 👉 youtube.com/live/4w9rij77VY4?si=Du1aO2g2aoEA7yNr

Upcoming events

Having summarized the events from June, let’s look into the future and see what awaits us there 👀. 

The SyliusCon is quickly approaching! 

Get ready for the largest gathering dedicated to Sylius and its ecosystem, taking place on November 13th in Lyon, France. This exciting event will bring together over 350 participants from around the world. Whether you’re a business owner, developer, or open-source enthusiast, SyliusCon is the place to be. It’s your chance to dive deep into Sylius, learn from experts, and connect with like-minded individuals.

We are excited to offer sponsorship opportunities for SyliusCon 2024. Join us as a sponsor and showcase your brand to a global Sylius audience.

What’s more, the Call for Papers (CFP) for SyliusCon 2024 is open! The deadline for submissions is the end of July. Don’t miss your chance to be part of our lineup.

If you are a regular visitor, secure your spot and take advantage of the Early Bird Conference Pack, which is available until the end of July.

To reserve your conference pack, become a sponsor or a part of the lineup, visit the event’s website 👉 sylius.com/conference

News in our ecosystem  🤝

Two new amazing partners joined the Sylius ecosystem last month. Let’s give them a warm welcome!

Alumio is joining the Sylius ecosystem as a Technology Solution Partner! 🎉

Alumio, based in the Netherlands, specializes in advanced integration solutions through its iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) platform. Alumio’s low-code, user-friendly solutions accelerate integration and enable efficient data management. With Alumio, companies can automate workflows to eliminate manual data entry and reduce errors, centralize integration management from a single location, and transform and map data to meet different system requirements. The platform also allows real-time activity monitoring for quick problem resolution and uses advanced security protocols to ensure data security.

Thank you for your trust – an exciting journey of innovation lies ahead! 🤝

👉 sylius.com/partner/alumio 

Coolminds is joining our ecosystem as a Professional Solution Partner!

Coolminds is a software agency renowned for delivering customized digital solutions that streamline business processes. Their services include creating B2B webshops, customer and order portals, web applications, and progressive web apps.

Utilizing advanced technologies such as Laravel and their proprietary CMS, Peanuts, Coolminds provides high-quality, scalable solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. They emphasize detailed requirement analysis and maintain continuous collaboration with clients throughout the project lifecycle, employing agile methodologies to ensure success. 🚀

For more information about Coolminds, visit our partner website! 🤝 sylius.com/partner/coolminds 

Top articles mentioning Sylius 📰

In this sunny month, many valuable articles came out, discussing the topics around Sylius and the eCommerce industry. Let’s take a look:

Social media mentions 📣

As we listed June’s articles, we should not forget about insightful mentions in the social media sphere that focused on Sylius’ development and experiences from June’s events. 

Summary ✍️

June was an exciting month for the Sylius community, packed with significant updates, vibrant events, and productive collaborations. The energy from our recent enhancements and community interactions has left us more motivated than ever. We are ready to do our best as we look forward to the upcoming SyliusCon in France and other exciting gatherings. Thank you for being a part of this journey. Stay tuned for more exciting updates, and see you at the next event! 🌞

Mikołaj Król
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