Month of Sylius: May ☀️ 🐝
Business Ecosystem News 7 min read
Welcome to the May summary! As an open-source eCommerce framework, Sylius continues to evolve with significant contributions from our vibrant community and valuable product updates. Apart from describing the technical changes, we will also quickly summarize the Sylius Technical Fundamentals & Sylius Polish Community Meetup and eCommerce Day Kaunas, as… Read More
Expanding eCommerce into International Markets with Sylius
Business 10 min read
Entering international markets is an exciting idea for many ambitious eCommerce enterprises. The eCommerce sector continues to experience significant growth worldwide, becoming an integral part of retail. In 2024, online sales are expected to account for 19.5% of global retail sales, highlighting a progressive shift from traditional in-store shopping… Read More
Preventing technical debt in Sylius – Best practices
Business Technical 5 min read
The constantly evolving landscape of software development and continuous technological advancements create an environment where change is the only constant. The introduction of cutting-edge technologies and updates not only opens up new possibilities and areas for enhancement but also necessitates numerous adjustments within and outside the code to enhance older… Read More
Month of Sylius: April 🦢
Ecosystem News 12 min read
Welcome to the April summary! As we turn the page on our holiday break, it’s clear that the pause has not only recharged our batteries but also infused the Sylius community with fresh energy and more innovative ideas. As usual, we’ll dive into the exciting developments and updates that have… Read More
Month of Sylius: March 🌷
Business Ecosystem News 10 min read
Welcome to the summary of March, closing the first quarter of 2024. This time was filled with many contributions and updates, aiming to make Sylius better each day. To do so, we updated a new Sylius Plus website, implemented numerous improvements, released the 1.12.14 version, and published new case studies. Read More
Month of Sylius: December 🎄
Sylius had a vibrant and productive month in December, filled with exciting developments and accomplishments. From successful project implementations to expanding language options, Sylius continued to thrive. Notably, the community was engaged through blogs and social media mentions, and Sylius Team and Core Team members actively participated in SymfonyCon. Additionally,… Read More
2023 Summary and What’s About to Come 👀
Business Ecosystem News 14 min read
As 2023 unfolded, it was a remarkable year for Sylius, marked by transformative leadership, inspiring community engagement, and innovative strides in the eCommerce world. Under the new stewardship of Mikołaj Król and Damian Murawski, Sylius continued its journey as a pioneering force in open-source eCommerce solutions. They embarked on new… Read More
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