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Month of Sylius: May ☀️ 🐝

Welcome to the May summary! As an open-source eCommerce framework, Sylius continues to evolve with significant contributions from our vibrant community and valuable product updates. Apart from describing the technical changes, we will also quickly summarize the Sylius Technical Fundamentals & Sylius Polish Community Meetup and eCommerce Day Kaunas, as well as announce the upcoming events, such as SyliusCon 2024 and Ecommerce Party 2024. Naturally, May was also full of insightful blogs and social media discussions that we will look into. On top of that, we will also share some sneak peek of our upcoming plans! 👀

With that said, let’s start the May’s summary ⬇️

Product updates

Recent product updates bring a host of enhancements and fixes aimed at improving user experience and system performance. The most critical updates include important security fixes implemented in May, ensuring the platform’s integrity and safety. Additionally, the Bootstrap Admin Panel has been merged into the 2.0 branch, solidifying its overall look and architecture with modern design elements and improved functionality.

Significant enhancements in order management include refined endpoints and accurate stock calculations during payment completion. The admin interface now features star ratings for products and improved product review management, enhancing user feedback capabilities. Further administrative 2.0 updates cover key areas such as login and password reset functionalities, product editing and removal scenarios, and comprehensive CSRF token integration for better security. New coverage for inventory indexes, product reviews, catalog promotions, and create/update scenarios for payment and shipping methods have also been added.

Various dependency updates ensure better performance and compatibility. Conversion of variables in Twig templates has been changed to snake_case. Documentation has been updated to reflect the Sylius Community Edition naming and correct minor typos. Backend improvements include the removal of hard dependencies and updates to PHP requirements, contributing to a more streamlined and efficient system. These comprehensive updates ensure a more robust, user-friendly platform, aligning with the latest industry standards and user needs.

Security releases blog post! 🚨

What’s more, as part of our commitment to your safety, we released a new blog post about the security updates in Sylius. It covers the fixes for Sylius versions 1.12 and 1.13, including the solution for:

  • “Potential Cross Site Scripting (XSS) via the “Province”  field in the Checkout and Address Book”
  • “Potential Cross Site Scripting (XSS) via the “Name” field (Taxons, Products, Options, Variants) in the Admin Panel”

Remember, we’ve got you covered as long as your application is up to date.

The blog post is available on our website 👉 sylius.com/blog/security-releases-blog-post-2024

Top Contributors 🏆

  • GSadee – Enhanced the admin interface with star ratings, improved product review management, and fixed stock calculation during payments. Contributed significantly to admin and Behat test scenarios.
  • loic425 – Focused on Symfony 7 migration, fixing PHPUnit and PHPSpec tests, and various maintenance tasks. Made crucial updates for routing factories and Symfony components.
  • jakubtobiasz – Improved consistency by converting variables in Twig templates to snake_case and enhancing form creation with Twig Hooks. Drafted proofs of concept for various admin features.
  • NoResponseMate – Implemented and tested admin functionalities like order payments and cancellations. Improved autocomplete features in the admin interface.
  • TheMilek – Enhanced order endpoints and addressed product and inventory management issues. Added view-in-store buttons and improved index pages.
  • mpysiak – Improved login and password reset functionalities in the admin interface. Added commands related to Sylius Plus information.
  • Wojdylak – Worked on admin improvements, including managing inventory and making minor enhancements to the order show page. Contributed to overall maintenance.
  • kulczy – Merged the Bootstrap Admin Panel into the 2.0 branch, modernizing the admin interface. Added taxonomy trees to the admin UI for better content organization.

New project victories 🎉

In May, the interesting Sylius-based project came live, demonstrating the frameworks’ flexibility and customization capabilities. 

Mezcalito transformed the Une Petite Mousse website 🍺

Our Professional Solution Partner, Mezcalito, developed a brand new version of the website for Une Petite Mousse – a company specializing in selling a wide range of craft beers both locally sourced and from around the world. The old version of the website became burdened with technical debt and couldn’t provide a satisfactory customer experience. Therefore, Mezcalito agency decided to choose Sylius as the technology for the new online store due to its flexibility and customization capabilities.

As a result, the new Une Petite Mousse store is fresh-looking and provides optimized customer experience and tools to support business tasks.

See the website for yourself here 👉 unepetitemousse.fr

Events 🌇

There is a lot going on in the eCommerce world and the Sylius ecosystem. For this reason, let’s summarize the last events that took place in May and say a few words about the ones that are quickly approaching.

Past events 🔙

Sylius Technical Fundamentals & Sylius Polish Community Meetup 🇵🇱

May 16th was a very important day for the Sylus Community, as the two events took place. The first event – Sylius Technical Fundamentals hosted by SYZYGY in Warsaw, Poland, was a time well-spent among Sylius enthusiasts – both the experienced ones and the people who are taking the first steps in the Sylius ecosystem. The co-founders of Commerce Weavers, Łukasz Chruściel and Mateusz Zalewski, led the workshops and shared valuable knowledge about Sylius architecture, Sylius Resource and Grid Bundle, Sylius product catalog, processing and placing orders, and much more!

Following this amazing event, the Sylius Polish Community Meetup took place. Kudos to the amazing speakers for an insightful talk – Karol Wojdyła, Jakub Tobiasz, and Tomasz Kowalczyk. We are deeply grateful to Commerce Weavers and Dobry Craft for co-organizing the event and for their invaluable support.

eCommerce Day Kaunas 🇱🇹

Organized by our partner Invertus in Kaunas, Lithuania, eCommerce Day Kaunas ’24 was a remarkable event that took place on May 30th. Gathering passionate people from the region and experts from local and international brands like SALESmanago and Baltneta, it was filled with discussions and insights about the future of eCommerce, including business vision, digital marketing, and technology, including AI and Big Data. The Invertus team shared their experience in building solutions for major Sylius-based websites like Mytheresa.com or Azrieli.com, and our Core Team Member – Łukasz Chruściel from Commerce Weavers, presented the Sylius 2.0 to the audience.

Upcoming events 🔜

As we briefly summarized what has happened, now let’s focus at the events that are ahead of us.

SyliusCon at Lyon, France 🇫🇷

Let’s begin this section with the SyliusCon at Lyon, France, which will take place on November 13th, 2024. It will be the largest conference dedicated to Sylius and its ecosystem, welcoming over 350 participants from all over the globe.

The event is for everyone, from business owners to developers to open-source enthusiasts. SyliusCon is certainly a place to be if you want to learn more about Sylius and meet like-minded people.

The Call for Papers for SyliusCon 2024 is now open! 👉 sylius.com/conference

EcommerceParty at Toulouse, France 🇫🇷

Moving on to the next event, the EcommerceParty is about to happen on June 6th, and Sylius became a sponsor of the event. The place of event will be located in Toulouse, France, and will be organized by our long-term partner Emagma. Without further ado, let’s see what EcommerceParty has to offer this year:

🔹 E-business

9:00 AM – 1:45 PM: The morning of the event will be devoted to sessions tailored for e-merchants, focusing on innovative solutions and practical eCommerce experiences. Listen to the three presentations from the eCommerce experts – Olivier Duffez, Ronan Hello, and Frederic Cavazza.

🔹 Workshop

🕑 2:00 PM – 5:00 PM: In the afternoon, join workshops for developers who want to discover and learn Sylius, where the expert will present how to create your first plugin  

🔹 Meetup

🕕 6:00 PM – 10:30 PM: The end of the day will be devoted to relaxation and talks from five Sylius enthusiasts – Antoine Bluchet, Łukasz Chruściel, Sebastien Lourseau, Emil Janiszewski, and Charles Duvigneau.

Don’t wait and register for the event here 👉 ecommerceparty.emagma.fr

PHPers Summit – the biggest PHP conference in Poland 🇵🇱

PHPers Summit is the largest PHP conference in Poland, which will bring together about 1300 code enthusiasts this year on June 21th. The conference will feature 5 tracks with 29 speakers from Poland and rest of the world. This year we proudly represent Summit 2024 as a Community Partner and the Sylius framework supports the conference website to provide best customer experience and performance during ticket sales.

Among other experienced speakers, the founder of Sylius, Paweł Jedrzejewski, will hold a presentation entitled “Open Source Driven Career: How to Build or Enhance Your Career with Open Source?” 

Read more about the event here 👉 summit.phpers.pl/en/

Top articles mentioning Sylius 📰

May was also a fruitful time when it came to blogs and articles, as developers and Sylius enthusiasts shared some knowledge and guides for effectively working with Sylius. Let’s take a look:

Social media mentions 📣

Following the tradition, let’s highlight the numerous insightful posts that came out in May:

Sneak peek 👀

For the past two months, our team has been working really hard to compare two popular eCommerce platforms, Sylius and Shopware. Our goal is to create an objective and detailed comparison that will help others choose the best solution for their business needs.

Apart from that, we are currently preparing something really exciting! We are working on a new solution that is sure to revolutionize the way you run your projects. This partnership will open up new possibilities for you in the cloud, allowing you to manage and develop your projects even more efficiently. While we can’t reveal all the details for now, rest assured that this will be something worth waiting for. Stay tuned and follow our updates – you’ll find out more in June! ☁️

Follow our social media to stay up to date!

Summary ✍️

May was certainly a time well-spent among the Sylius enthusiasts at the events and with our team while working on the improvements. We are quickly recharging our batteries before the upcoming Ecommerce Party in France and PHPers Summit in Poland to share our knowledge with the community and further improve Sylius. See you soon! 

Patryk Baczewski
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