Month of Sylius: August
News 7 min read
Salut, Sylius enthusiasts! August has been an action-packed month for us. Even though August is generally considered a holiday month, many great things have transpired. We're thrilled to provide a recap of all the exciting developments. Let's dive right in! Read More
Month of Sylius: July
News 4 min read
July has been a thrilling month for the Sylius community! Thanks to a series of captivating webinars, this month has been a true celebration of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Sylius ecosystem. And there's so much ahead of us! From Sylius Days to the next edition of SyliusCon — let’s go!  Read More
The EU “Omnibus” directive in (e)Commerce
Technical 3 min read
We have designed and delivered a flexible solution for Sylius-based shops to make them compliant with the new Omnibus directive. The first stable release of the PriceHistoryPlugin is now available on Github! With this plugin, you gain improved pricing transparency, better pricing management, and the ability to identify and respond to the market trends more quickly. Read More
Year 2022 in Review and What’s Next
Business News 3 min read
2022 has been an amazing year for Sylius and our community. We created a hybrid core team, increased our revenues by 60%, started hosting partnerships, released 2 new versions and celebrated our first SyliusCon. That being said, the year was not without challenges and I’d like to shed some light… Read More
TOP 5 most popular Sylius plugins for your ecommerce
Business Ecosystem 3 min read
Sylius offers a range of features out-of-the-box: an intuitive administration panel, flexible product management, and support for multiple languages and currencies. However, like any e-commerce platform, there are always ways to improve and enhance the functionality of your online store. This is where Sylius plugins come in! Sylius plugins… Read More
What is headless ecommerce? We asked ChatGPT to answer it for us
Business 2 min read
Sylius is an open-source ecommerce platform that is gaining popularity among developers and business owners alike. It is built on top of the Symfony PHP framework and uses the latest web development technologies to provide a highly customizable and scalable ecommerce solution. One of the key features of Sylius is… Read More
👻 Trick or… Sylius 1.12 release?🍬 Sylius 1.12 comes with Symfony 6, Docker, and a bag of enhancements to both admin, shop, and API!
Business News Technical 7 min read
Intro The dust after SyliusCon has not settled while we were pushing tags for the 1.12 release. When Sylius marketing and sales were focused on delivering the best community event in history, the development team was sweating to shape up the newest version. And here it is, both teams… Read More
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