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Sylius Plus Module Overview: Advanced Role-Based Access Control Module (RBAC/ACL)

When an eCommerce business expands, team members often grow proportionally. With an increasing and diversified team, managing members efficiently while mitigating risks and preventing errors has become a vital success factor. Implementing robust access controls can help safeguard sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, establishing clear communication channels and defining roles can improve workflow in a rapidly growing and evolving eCommerce environment.

Sylius Plus Advanced Multi-store Module enables companies to assign specific staff members to chosen channels. However, this option may be insufficient for some businesses. Due to that, we introduced the Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) module.

For instance, when dealing with multi-brand or multi-country storefronts, this feature provides the flexibility to tailor employee access according to geographic location or product type. Team members may have complete control over certain brands or regions, whereas others might be limited to viewing or editing specific products, categories, or order details. It could also generate multiple admin views for various back-office users and groups.

Such an approach helps maintain security standards, prevents accidental changes, and reduces the risk of miscommunication among team members or unauthorized data access. 

No user admin permissions option; the panel is fully available to everyone with an admin account

  • Create, duplicate, and delete new roles
  • Access restriction by store view or channel  
  • Permission tree
  • Custom access to specific parts of selected categories
  • Possibility to introduce new access rules easily

Who would benefit from using Sylius Plus Advanced 

  • Companies with larger teams that need to access eCommerce back office
  • Merchants running Multi-brand setups
  • Brands that are dealing with sensitive data
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Patryk Baczewski
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