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Sylius Plus Module Overview: Loyalty system

Loyal customers are one of the most critical factors that drive revenue. They often become brand ambassadors, spreading positive word-of-mouth that can attract new customers more effectively than traditional marketing efforts. By engaging with the brand, they also contribute to improving products and services, helping businesses stay competitive and responsive to market needs.

The loyalty points system is a great way to reward long-term customers and ensure that new ones are more attached to the brand. By offering exclusive discounts, free products, or other benefits, businesses can show appreciation for customer loyalty and elevate the retention rate.

Sylius’ point-based loyalty program could help increase customer engagement and allow spending loyalty points in many ways. This usually goes in parallel with extensive marketing campaigns.

Dedicated Sylius Standard vs Sylius Plus features

No loyalty points provided

  • Points for orders
  • Admin’s reward rules
  • Loyalty Coupons
  • Loyalty purchases
  • Bonus points tracker

Case study: Bakken.nl owned by Dr.Oetker 

In this project, the Sylius Plus Loyalty Module significantly enhanced Dr. Oetker’s brand, allowing them to manage customer loyalty points and programs effectively. This move was part of a broader digital transformation aimed at creating a scalable and flexible eCommerce website, integrating Sylius Plus with other technologies like Contentful, Vue.js, and Elasticsearch. The loyalty system, not initially available in Sylius, was developed through Dr. Oetker’s contribution, demonstrating the framework’s adaptability beyond typical commercial uses and solidifying customer relationships through rewards for purchases.

Who would benefit most from using the Sylius Plus Loyalty Module?

  • Merchants with big customer bases
  • B2C, retail, fashion
  • Content & Commerce – blog-based eCommerce with regular readers
  • Merchants looking for ways to increase customer engagement and retention rate
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