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Sylius Plus Module Overview: Partial Shipment

Effective shipment management is a key factor for complex eCommerce businesses. The essential tool that empowers online businesses’ logistics and enhances the shopping experience is the Partial Shipment module in Sylius.

Some industries or eCommerce stores fulfilling complex orders, like business-to-business (B2B) stores, B2C merchants operating on a larger scale, or marketplaces, might require dividing the customer’s order into multiple shipments,  as sending it all simultaneously is indeed complex. Luckily, the Partial Shipment module within Sylius Plus splits an order into multiple deliveries. This feature is particularly useful for orders containing multiple items with different shipping requirements, as it enables each item to be delivered separately based on its availability or specific customer preferences. 

This flexibility significantly improves the customer experience by shortening delivery times and providing precise tracking information for each parcel. For example, in any case where bulk orders are made daily, the ability to send smaller quantities upon request can greatly support the supply chain process and cater to diverse customer needs.

Dedicated Sylius Standard vs Sylius Plus features

  • Single shipment per order
  • UI to ship the entire order
  • Multiple shipments per order
  • Tracking shipped and pending items
  • Dedicated, intuitive admin UI for shipment split
  • Simple ERP integration possible through API interface 

The product order can be easily divided with a simple process through both API and User Interface (UI). Then, each unit can be shipped and monitored independently to track dispatched and pending items. Integration with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems also allows for order splitting via API and bi-directional integration of the related data.

This feature is fully compatible with Sylius’ Multi-source Inventory Module.

For whom is it best?

  • Merchants selling large order items within a single order
  • eCommerce businesses selling items that are challenging to ship
  • B2B stores
  • B2Cs operating on a larger scale
  • Marketplaces
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Patryk Baczewski
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