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Sylius Plus Modular License – a new way to acquire more value with Sylius

In the fast-changing eCommerce industry, being flexible and equipped with all necessary features allows businesses to meet the market demands in any situation. With that in mind, we released Sylius Plus. Built on top of the best technology, Sylius Plus offers everything included in the Sylius Standard version with the addition of many advanced features aimed at utilizing the full potential of eCommerce businesses.

This blog serves as an introduction to the upcoming series of blogs devoted to describing each module that Sylius Plus has to offer. Let’s start by saying a few words about the two available versions of Sylius to understand the difference. 

Sylius Standard vs Sylius Plus

As you may know already, Sylius is an open-source eCommerce solution based on the PHP Symfony framework. Its flexibility and scalability help businesses around the world to create unique online businesses that provide outstanding customer experience. The platform is designed to be at the heart of a modern eCommerce stack, connecting various tools and providing almost limitless customization options.

Sylius Plus is an extended version of Sylius Standard, which we briefly described above. While both prioritize offering extensive customization possibilities, unlimited scalability tailored to the business, and excellent performance, Sylius Plus is designed to cater to the requirements of highly demanding businesses experiencing rapid expansion or operating on a large scale. Apart from the core Sylius features, the “Plus” version offers a number of modules aimed at helping complex businesses manage their eCommerce stores. They are fully compatible with each other, and each of these modules can be bought separately, but more of that later.

Now, let’s look at the benefits that Sylius Plus brings to the table. 

Advantages behind the license


Sylius Plus offers advanced features with its modular approach. Thanks to that, business owners can buy only the features the online store needs. This means that the license is fully configurable and offered in a way that delivers only the required value.

One contact person

First of all, Sylius Plus comes with a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will guide you through the whole implementation process. This means that those who subscribe to the professional license can count on our team members’ support, which is often crucial along the path to success.

SLA-backed technical support

The technical support team has your back both during and after the development of the eCommerce project. Our tech team is eager to leverage ongoing development issues through helpdesk support so that the implementation team does not get stuck and focuses on the most valuable work.

Access to new features and security updates

Stay up-to-date and competitive due to the immediate access to new features and security updates. Sylius Plus offers premium access to new releases and security paths.

Real impact on the product

We are always open to your feedback that is processed during regular Sprint Review Meetings. We seriously take into account the feedback we get and apply it to our priority list.

Available modules in Sylius Plus

B2B Suite
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Marketplace Suite
Read more
Advanced Multi-store
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Returns Management (RMA)
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Multi-source Inventory
Read more
Loyalty system
Read more
RBAC (Role-Based Access Control)
Read more
Partial Shipment
Read more
One Page Checkout
Read more

Each of the above modules will be thoroughly described in the series of blogs, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their features and benefits. From the user-friendly advanced multi-store module to the powerful capabilities of the role-based access control module, you’ll learn how each module can help you streamline your eCommerce operations and improve your bottom line.

Sylius Plus modules pricing

The undoubted advantage of Sylius Plus is its flexible pricing. As mentioned at the beginning of this blog, each module can be bought separately. This versatile and cost-efficient solution ensures you get the most value without paying for the whole package. 

Payments for Sylius Plus are also flexible and can be made monthly, yearly, or through buying a lifetime product license. The final price is based on many factors, such as Gross Merchandise Volume tier (small, mid-sized, large), the scale (national, international, intercontinental) and model of your business (B2C/B2B, and variations), the number of modules selected, and whether it is the eCommerce platform migration or the upgrade from Sylius Standard. Furthermore, the final license depends on the implementation strategy (internal team, partner collaboration, mixed strategy). Pricing starts from €800 annually.  

Calculate the pricing during a demo with our consultant

When is Sylius Plus the best choice?

As presented above, Sylius Plus main strength is advanced enterprise-grade features that aim to support medium and large eCommerce stores. Utilizing them in the project reduces business costs and risks related to manual errors or outdated systems. Moreover, it’s best for companies with advanced customization needs who want to develop their online businesses freely. The flexible architecture of Sylius allows developers to create any type of eCommerce website, ranging from multi-vendor marketplace to B2B stores.

Additionally, the PHP Symfony framework and the headless approach provide the scalability and performance required to create a successful and future-proof website free of technical debt. External systems can be easily added or removed at any given time, and integrations with frontend solutions like VueStorefront enable developers to create robust progressive web application (PWA) for mobile users.

Sylius Plus is fully compatible with Sylius CE and all ecosystem plugins, listed here – https://store.sylius.com

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