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Sylius Plus Module Overview: Returns Management (RMA)

Nowadays, product returns are an inseparable part of selling online. This process not only gives customers the confidence to purchase, knowing they can return items that don’t meet their expectations, but it also reflects a brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction and service quality.

Moreover, by analyzing return patterns and gathering feedback, businesses can gain valuable insights into product preferences, quality issues, and customer needs, enabling them to improve their offerings and reduce future return rates. Consequently, product returns in eCommerce are not just a necessary logistic function but a strategic tool that can drive sales and build a strong customer base. The returns percentage can reach around 20% on average, depending on the industry. The metric rate could be significantly higher in industries like fashion or automotive, which can face even more than a 40% return rate.

With that in mind, we created the returns management (RMA) module to address the issue and allow merchants to easily streamline it into existing processes.

The returns management module in Sylius Plus represents an enhancement for eCommerce platforms aimed at supporting the process of handling product returns and exchanges. With an emphasis on automation, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, an account-based request system and a customizable review process help to deliver the best returns service. Staff can review these requests in a back-office panel through a customizable process. Utilizing this module gives the client an easy way to get a financial refund, repair, or replacement, which less tech-savvy customers especially value.

Dedicated Sylius Standard vs Sylius Plus features

  • Simple refund for a single order in the Admin panel
  • Manage and view refunded orders via a filter in the Admin order category
  • Three return resolutions and the ability to select a preferred warehouse for returns with a dedicated workflow
  • Automated return requests in a separate category, with options to manage returns by channel/domain and to adjust the customer’s chosen return resolution if needed.
  • After-sale support, including direct communication through a return chat feature.
  • Adding free products to replacement orders• Automatic generation of shipping labels  

The returns management module is fully compatible with the multi-source inventory module as well as other Sylius Plus modules.

When is it worth considering the Sylius Plus RMA Module?

– In scenarios with a high rate of returns, considering this module becomes essential for process optimization.

– For enhancing customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention, an extended returns strategy facilitated by this module is highly beneficial.

– Large-scale online enterprises aiming for peak efficiency through automation will find this module to be an indispensable part of their operations.

– When various return resolutions are necessary to meet diverse customer requirements.

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Patryk Baczewski
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