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BitBag is the leading and largest Sylius partner, having worked with the vendor since its early stages in 2016. Over the years, they have successfully delivered over 100 projects worldwide across various industry segments such as fashion, electronics, retail, and automotive. They have also adapted Sylius to various e-commerce models, including B2C, B2B, and Multi-Vendor Marketplaces. With their expertise, BitBag not only delivers full-stack projects but also provides Sylius staff outsourcing to companies looking to deliver projects faster, with lower risk and higher quality. This means that BitBag works with both merchants and agencies.

The company is also highly active in the open-source space, continuously extending the Sylius ecosystem. They are the authors of numerous plugins, integrations, and libraries, including OpenMarketplace, SyliusB2BPlugin, SyliusVueStorefront2Plugin, SyliusCMSPlugin, SyliusWishlistPlugin, SyliusElasticsearchPlugin, and many more. Their packages have been downloaded over 1 million times!

BitBag has a rich client portfolio from SMB, enterprise, and startup segments, including successful companies such as MyTheresa, Foodspring, Azrieli, Artnight, Adyen, ING, and Carrefour.

At present, the company has a highly specialized 60-person Sylius eCommerce development team consisting of business analysts and consultants, developers, project managers, and quality assurance specialists.

In addition to being a leading Sylius partner, BitBag is also one of the few official partners of SensioLabs (creators of Symfony framework), Shopware, and Vue Storefront.

Partner since 2018
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Leading Solution Partner
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