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BitBag is an eCommerce software company engaged with the Sylius ecosystem for years. They were one of the first early adopters and grew their eCommerce stack on top of Sylius. Their main area of expertise includes eCommerce consulting and development for B2C, B2B, and Multi-vendor Marketplaces. BitBag fulfills the eCommerce technology stack with Akeneo and Pimcore for PIM, eZ Platform for CMS and VueStorefront for PWA. BitBag is also one of the main open-source and enterprise plugins providers. The company is an author of the Sylius CMS, Elasticsearch integration, Wishlist and many more.

Some numbers from BitBag regarding Sylius:
– 20+ experts including consultants, UI/UX designers, Sylius trained front-end and back-end developers,
– 100+ projects delivered on top of Sylius,
– 20+ countries of BitBag’s customers,
– 3+ years in the Sylius ecosystem.

Key clients: Lensvision, Urbanara, Folkstar, WestCoastGifts.

Partenaire depuis 2018
Extension Artisan
Leading Solution Partner
Officially Trained