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Sylius-based B2B store for an agricultural company
Agro-Efekt needed a reliable B2B store that would let the customers to easily buy parts online. Find out how BitBag built an ecommerce solution that includes a SAP integration, multi-inventory management and a a super-fast search engine able to search through over a million products in less than 1 second.
Sylius-based B2B store for an agricultural company

Meet Agro-Efekt, a Polish agricultural company

Agro-Efekt Sp. z o. o. is a trusted company that has been present in the Polish agricultural market for over 30 years now. Their mission is to provide professional services through consulting, purchase of agricultural products, services, and sale of agricultural production means and new technologies.

1 million
years on market

Planting the seeds for a new B2B online store

Agro-Efekt needed a reliable online store that matched their reputation. Farmers were eager to buy parts online, but the old website was like a tractor stuck in the mud. Agro-Efekt was in need of a new B2B online store that would let customers:

  • Log in with ease and buy parts at the right prices
  • Pick from different warehouses and shipping methods
  • Choose payment methods most convenient for them
  • Find alternative parts easily
  • Have items delivered to their door or a one-time spot
  • Add notes to their orders
  • Get a sneak peek of shipping info
  • Say « I’m interested, let’s chat! »
  • Review orders and sales docs hassle-free

Here’s the catch: Agro-Efekt had over a million products to manage! Imagine finding the right needle in this gigantic haystack… In addition to that challenge, Agro-Efekt required a multi-inventory system that would facilitate the management of multiple warehouses. This system needed to grant customers the flexibility to select their preferred warehouse for order fulfillment, while also providing diverse shipping methods tailored to their specific needs. Agro-Efekt also wanted to import products from the John Deere catalog along with their available substitutes. 

Harvesting the success

Agro-Efekt chose BitBag, Sylius’ Leading Solution Partner, to build their new online store. BitBag’s team took on the challenge and managed to build a super-fast search engine able to search through over a million products in less than 1 second. The store met all the requirements, and the integration with SAP enabled them to offer the best customer experience. Furthermore, by integrating the store with Google Analytics, Agro-Efekt could understand the store’s performance better and make improvements accordingly. Now, the store is able to offer customers a wide range of products and services, as well as a convenient, secure payment system and a quick and efficient way to order parts.

Integrations and technical overview

  • Multi-inventory management
  • Custom search engine with support for over a million products 
  • Importing products from the John Deere catalog along with available substitutes
  • Creating orders from CSV
  • Styling the entire store
  • Customizing the platform
  • Wishlist functionality
  • Creating a ‘Notify me when the product is available’ and ‘I am interested in the product, please contact me’ features
  • Implementing the chat functionality, available in case of returns
  • Integration with SAP
  • Integration with imoje
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integration with Polkurier

Interested in learning more? Visit BitBag’s website to read more details about this project.