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JAST USA, tailor-made video games Marketplace
BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, along with JAST USA, has developed a new eCommerce platform for anime games. This custom project perfectly aligns with our motto of 'tailor-made' solutions. Thanks to BitBag's efficient work, JAST USA now has a platform that ensures fast downloading of purchased files, smooth searching and filtering of games, a custom "regional pricing" system, a loyalty points system, automatic promotions, a new payment gateway (credit cards), an advanced reporting module, and a new frontend application.
JAST USA, tailor-made video games Marketplace

About the company

JAST USA was founded in 1996 and has long been at the forefront of the digital entertainment industry, focusing on the distribution of video games in the anime category. JAST is a leading publisher and online seller offering a wide range of anime games! Moreover, JAST is valued by its customers for its commitment to service quality and adapting to changing game trends. Through collaborations with various studios, they constantly provide new games to their portfolio, making them the best platform for global anime games.

What was the Problem?

JAST USA’s online store faced limitations due to accumulated technical debt. The goal was to create a fast, modern, and user-friendly application to enhance user experience while increasing the store’s performance and functionality.

Main goals and challenges

The main goal for JAST USA was data migration from Magento to Sylius, but not only that, below we have listed the challenges BitBag faced with this custom project:

  • Data Migration from Magento to Sylius: Ensuring business continuity and data integrity during the transfer and schema adaptation.
  • New Graphical Interface Development: Creating an attractive site that follows digital anime game market trends.
  • VueJS Frontend Application: Improving user comfort and engagement through a responsive application.
  • Integration of a New Payment Gateway: Streamlining customer service with an efficient returns process.
  • Loyalty Point System Implementation: Facilitating smoother transactions and expanding user payment options.
  • Advanced Product Search and Filtering: Simplifying product search for customers.
  • ‘Game Library’ Development for Customers: Offering a personalized space where customers can access their purchases.
  • Regional Pricing System: Adapting pricing strategies based on customer location.
  • Streamlining Promotions Management for Staff: Simplifying the management of promotions and banners.

Used plugins

  • bitbag/acl-plugin: Setting user permissions for the admin panel
  • bitbag/banner-plugin: Banner campaign configuration
  • bitbag/blacklist-plugin: Setting automatic blocks for orders or game activations via code in case of suspicious requests.
  • bitbag/bonus-points-plugin: Introduction of a system for collecting and paying with bonus points
  • bitbag/catalog-plugin: Displays products in sliders depending on the ‘rules’ set in the catalogs they are to be displayed.
  • bitbag/cms-plugin: These extensions allowed BitBag to create static pages in the store
  • bitbag/crossselling-plugin: Plugin for displaying related product suggestions on the product detail page.
  • bitbag/elasticsearch-plugin: This plugin was used in many important places such as searching, filtering, and sorting the product list.
  • bitbag/import-export-bundle: Plugin for faster data migration from Magento to Sylius
  • bitbag/nmi-payment: Integration with NMI payment gateway
  • bitbag/refund-plugin: We have a custom refund action in which it is possible to refund, e.g., only one item.
  • setono/catalog-promotion-plugin: A custom refund action where, for example, only one item can be returned.
  • bitbag/sylius-multiple-product-image-uploader: Uploading multiple images to products using the ‘drag and drop’ method

You can find the remaining plugins in the BitBag repository on GitHub!


After completing the project, JAST USA shared some of the results, and here are a few of them! ⬇️

Fast download of purchased files

JAST USA provided its customers with fast and secure file downloading thanks to a data storage solution in the AWS S3 cloud with « pre-signed URLs, » achieving a balance in delivery and storage costs. This implementation increased customer satisfaction worldwide, offering efficient and secure downloading.

Quick Search and Filtering of Products

The use of Elasticsearch allowed customers to search and filter products quickly. This improvement streamlined finding desired titles, thereby increasing the number of transactions.

New Plugin for Managing Banners

A plugin for managing banners simplified the activation and deactivation of advertising campaigns. This innovation increased the effectiveness of campaign planning, enhanced customer engagement, and strengthened marketing efforts.

Custom « Regional Pricing » System

Implementing a customized pricing system, sensitive to factors such as customer location, allowed JAST USA to adjust prices for different markets dynamically. This strategy significantly increased the competitiveness and sales of the store.

Automated Promotions

An automated promotion system triggered at specific hours optimized the management of advertising and promotional campaigns. This approach improved sales efficiency and encouraged customers to purchase at particular times.

Loyalty Points System

The loyalty points system rewards and engages regular customers in the store. This initiative led to increased customer loyalty and more frequent purchases.

New Payment Gateway (Credit Cards)

Launching a new credit card payment gateway expanded payment capabilities, streamlining the purchasing process and increasing user convenience. This addition also attracted new customers.

To explore this case-study journey and outcomes, visit BitBag’s website.