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PHPers Summit 2018
The biggest PHP Conference in Poland with a flexible ticket selling platform that can handle the popularity growth and how the concept changes year after year.
PHPers Summit 2018


Main Summit organizers needed a flexible platform that can handle the popularity growth and how the concept changes year after year. They’ve been stuck with a ready to use software’s bugs and complexity when it came to customizations. It was almost impossible to implement the workshop register system or ticket reservation system. What is more, it was difficult to host the event webpage and store under the same domain which made it even harder to maintain and scale.


As they are PHP developers and needed something really flexible, they decided to go with Sylius. Sebastian Dudek, one of PHPers Summit head organizers asked BitBag for help.

We decided to develop the platform from scratch and teach PHPers team how to handle it in a proper way in the future.

The base technology stack included:

Within a few weeks, we created MVP solution, which included the web page with a content management system, custom design (provided by PHPers) and what’s most important – ticket selling system. Few weeks after we opened a ticket selling system, in a few days we implemented a ticket reservation system, which enabled the organizer to sell a limited amount of tickets for workshops.

“Thanks to Sylius we implemented a great ticket selling solution in no time, which is really flexible at the same time. It matters a lot as we are going to sell more and more of them in the nearest future.”
Sebastian Dudek PHPers Summit Organizator


In the first 4 weeks, all tickets have been sold without any problem. Event hosts are looking forward to customizing the platform for next editions. There were no complaints from customers side, which unfortunately happened before Sylius was involved.