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Domotio, a renowned and family-owned lighting retailer in Poland
BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, has developed an eCommerce store on Sylius for Domotio, a well-known and respected family-owned business in Poland's lighting industry. The client received a flexible and scalable platform, effectively meeting the dynamic needs of the market. Moreover, Domotio now distinguishes itself with a modern and user-friendly design, enhancing the shopping experience through improved navigation and an attractive interface.
Domotio, a renowned and family-owned lighting retailer in Poland

About the company

Domotio.pl, rooted in the Polish SME sector, is renowned for crafting unique and versatile lighting fixtures. They pride themselves on using high-quality Polish glass and components sourced from trusted local suppliers, ensuring a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design. Their product range is diverse and appealing to a broad audience. Retail customers are drawn to Domotio for their mix of functionality and style, with designs that resonate with modern sensibilities and a flair for innovation.

Moreover, Domotio extends its offerings to professionals in the design and architectural fields. For these clients, they provide detailed technical specifications and 3D models, catering to the precise needs of projects and investments. This dual approach allows Domotio to serve individual customers looking for stylish home lighting solutions and collaborate with industry professionals on larger-scale, design-centric projects.

Biggest problems in the preview platform

Domotio, operating two online stores on Sylius and WooCommerce platforms, opted to consolidate them into a single Sylius platform. Several key factors drove this decision:

  • A desire for a complete overhaul of the store’s visual presentation.
  • Limited ability to implement custom functionalities on the WooCommerce platform.
  • Migrating the blog while maintaining existing URLs and SEO parameters to ensure continuity in the store’s search engine positioning.
  • Previous positive experiences with BitBag and satisfaction with the Sylius platform used in another project.

Main challenges

Domotio, looking to enhance its online presence, chose to renew its partnership with BitBag, a well-regarded software agency. This decision was driven by the need to address several complex technical challenges, with BitBag being the ideal candidate to bring their expertise. The critical tasks that our partner needed to tackle included:

  • Migrating the WooCommerce store to Sylius.
  • Migrating products and content along with 301 redirects to maintain SEO continuity.
  • A complete overhaul of the store’s visual design.
  • Integration with the Google ecosystem.
  • An English-language version with price conversion to euros.
  • Generating a PDF file from the order view in the admin panel.
  • Automated shipping.
  • Integration with CRM and other business systems.
  • Implementing the Omnibus directive.
  • Configuring domains on Cloudflare.
  • Migrating the server from LH to DigitalOcean.

Used plugins in the project

  • SyliusCmsPlugin – used for content blocks and building the blog.
  • Wishlist by BitBag – handles the wishlist feature.
  • HistoryPricePlugin – used to comply with the Omnibus Directive requirements, showing the lowest price from the last 30 days.
  • PayU by BitBag – SyliusPayUPlugin for integrating with the PayU payment gateway.
  • ShippingExportPlugin – used for exporting shipping data to DPD and generating labels.
  • Webpack – implemented Webpack and removed Gulp.


The collaboration with BitBag led to the client receiving a platform that is both scalable and flexible, catering effectively to the dynamic needs of the market. This platform, notable for its modern and user-friendly design, enhances the shopping experience with streamlined navigation and an attractive interface. Additionally, a key upgrade was the bolstering of security measures, which improved compliance with regulatory standards and significantly boosted customer trust.

Another important aspect of this project was the enhancement of the administrative panel. This improvement has made it considerably more straightforward to use, especially for those without a technology background, simplifying the store’s overall management. This ease of use in administration allows quicker updates and adjustments, keeping the store agile and responsive to customer preferences and market trends.

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