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ARTERA advancing digital excellence with Sylius enhancements
Our Global Solution Partner, BitBag, has played a pivotal role in enhancing ARTERA's digital presence. By leveraging its expertise in eCommerce solutions, BitBag has enabled ARTERA to showcase its diverse and high-quality lighting products more effectively online. This collaboration has streamlined ARTERA's operations and enriched the customer experience, making it easier for users to explore and engage with ARTERA's offerings. Whether the retail shopper is looking for the latest lighting design or the professional seeking precise dimensions and 3D models for a project, BitBag's contributions have ensured that ARTERA's digital platform is as dynamic and versatile as its product lineup.
ARTERA advancing digital excellence with Sylius enhancements

About the company

ARTERA, a notable brand within the lighting sector, is a part of ALDEX sp. z o.o., renowned for its longstanding, multi-generational history in lighting production and sales. Their product lineup caters to diverse customers, including retail shoppers drawn to modern and stylish lighting designs. They also offer valuable resources like detailed dimensions and 3D models of their products, which are particularly beneficial for designers, architects, and investors involved in various projects.

Main challenges

ARTERA collaborated with BitBag, a software agency, to upgrade their eCommerce platform significantly. The primary objective of this project was to update their existing Sylius system from the older version 1.2 to the more advanced version 1.11. This upgrade presented several critical challenges:

  • Upgrading PHP from version 7.4 to 8.1 to ensure better performance and compatibility.
  • Implementing a feature for uploading and managing 3D product models to enhance the user experience.
  • Adding translation capabilities to the platform to serve a broader, multilingual audience.
  • Custom integration with the Google ecosystem for better digital marketing and analytics.
  • Creating a system in the admin panel to generate PDF files from orders, streamlining the process from order taking to production.
  • Automating the process of product assignment for more efficient catalog management.
  • Enhancing the search functionality on the platform for a better user experience.
  • Adapting the platform to comply with the Omnibus Directive for legal conformity.
  • Setting up automatic database backups for improved data security.
  • Configuring nginx to accommodate increased website traffic and ensure stability.
  • Resolving issues with data serialization, particularly concerning related products, to improve product management.

Used plugins in the project

  • SyliusCmsPlugin – used for content blocks and building the blog.
  • Wishlist by BitBag – handles the wishlist feature.
  • HistoryPricePlugin – used to comply with the Omnibus Directive requirements, showing the lowest price from the last 30 days.
  • PayU by BitBag – SyliusPayUPlugin for integrating with the PayU payment gateway.
  • ShippingExportPlugin – used for exporting shipping data to DPD and generating labels.
  • Webpack – implemented Webpack and removed Gulp.


The upgrade from Sylius 1.2 to 1.11, facilitated by BitBag, brought about transformative results for ARTERA. This enhancement streamlines the introduction of new features and integrates ready-made plugins, significantly improving operational efficiency. The addition of automation within the admin panel drastically reduced the time and effort required for product management. The search engine’s refinement now enables customers to find products that meet their specific needs more efficiently. The incorporation of translations has opened new avenues for ARTERA in international markets. Furthermore, the capability to upload and download 3D models of products has notably increased the store’s appeal to designers and architects, enhancing its service offerings.

To explore this case-study journey and outcomes, visit BitBag’s website.