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Companies that trusted Sylius
Case studies
Phantasialand – adventurous theme park on Sylius
built by move:elevator
Move:elevator, our Professional Solution Partner, created new online store for Phantasialand - an adventurous theme park that offers visitors an immersive and mystical world to explore. The main goal of this project was to create a new online store that conveys the magical feeling of this place through a digital experience. As a basis for it, move:elevator chose the flexible, headless Sylius eCommerce platform that offers almost limitless customization, much needed in delivering original digital experiences.
Filling the niche with a new Sylius-based store for self-defense
built by CWS Studio
Creative Web Solution, our esteemed Professional Solution Partner, has created an online store for Pelta, a French company renowned for its expertise in the self-defense products industry. Through the implementation of Sylius, CWS has set a robust foundation for Pelta's digital commerce ambitions. This strategic choice has empowered the platform to effortlessly handle peak traffic of 7500 page views per minute without compromising website performance. Sylius has not only facilitated smooth operational scalability and adaptability for Pelta but also significantly contributed to the company's ability to maintain high website performance under heavy traffic conditions, ensuring a steady and reliable online shopping experience for customers across Europe.
Jambissima’s Sylius-based store
built by CWS Studio
Creative Web Solution, our Professional Solution Partner, cooperated with a Jambissima team to create a modern and future-proof online store. Their goal was to modernize the image of the company and renew the eCommerce store to meet the current standards and provide the best shopping experience.
Bertani plumbing fixtures eCommerce with Sylius 🇮🇹
built by Webgriffe
Through the expertise of Webgriffe, our Professional Solution Partner, Bertani, has unveiled an exceptional online store, highlighting their plumbing systems and eco-friendly home products. This collaboration showcases the fusion of Bertani's long-standing tradition with Sylius's innovative technology, delivering an unmatched shopping experience.
JAST USA, tailor-made video games Marketplace
built by BitBag
BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, along with JAST USA, has developed a new eCommerce platform for anime games. This custom project perfectly aligns with our motto of 'tailor-made' solutions. Thanks to BitBag's efficient work, JAST USA now has a platform that ensures fast downloading of purchased files, smooth searching and filtering of games, a custom "regional pricing" system, a loyalty points system, automatic promotions, a new payment gateway (credit cards), an advanced reporting module, and a new frontend application.
Eco-friendly online retail innovation – Planeta Huerto’s Sylius-based Store
built by BitBag
BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, has been instrumental in ushering into a new era of eCommerce excellence. Through dedicated effort, BitBag implemented a cutting-edge eCommerce system that transformed the brand's operations. This system has refined key aspects such as marketing, sales process, shipping logistics, payment procedures, and inventory management, enhancing operational efficiency across desktops, tablets, and smartphones. The outcome of BitBag's innovative solutions is a marked improvement in customer experience and a significant boost in sales. This collaboration has established as a leading online retailer, offering a diverse and quality shopping experience that sets new standards in the market.
Israeli online marketplace built with Sylius — Azrieli’s case study
built by BitBag
By partnering with BitBag and leveraging Sylius as their e-commerce platform, Azrieli successfully addressed their complex requirements and enhanced customer experience, offering a convenient and enjoyable shopping journey.’s migration to Sylius – a cure for outgrowing an ecommerce platform
built by Baltic Amadeus
The Lithuanian online pharmacy outgrew the ecommerce platform it was built on, Oxid, and chose to migrate to Sylius. A new Sylius-based website implemented by Baltic Amadeus turned out to be a perfect cure for’s system downtimes and be ready with technological solutions for increasing revenue.