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Jambissima’s Sylius-based store
Creative Web Solution, our Professional Solution Partner, cooperated with a Jambissima team to create a modern and future-proof online store. Their goal was to modernize the image of the company and renew the eCommerce store to meet the current standards and provide the best shopping experience.
Jambissima’s Sylius-based store

About the company

Jambissima is a company that specializes in offering women a wide range of hosiery, including tights, stockings, leggings, and lingerie. By sourcing top-quality products from Italy, Germany, England, and Poland, Jambissima focuses on providing products for all occasions, whether for special events, daily comfort, or fashion purposes. Their offerings include classic styles, fancy designs, and other options to cater to different styles and preferences. Jambissima emphasizes elegance and the importance of legwear as essential fashion accessories for any wardrobe, aiming to enhance the beauty and confidence of every woman.

What was the problem?

The previous Jimbissima website was developed in 2016. It was based on an older Prestashop 1.6 version, which has not been updated since that time. This resulted in concerns about the security of the website and customer data. Apart from that, the graphic design of the website was outdated and not tailored to modern eCommerce standards.

The main goals and challenges of the project

While maintaining the goal of being the leader in the hosiery market, Jambissima’s new strategy also included exporting products to the German market and expanding to global marketplaces. To achieve that, Jimbissima had to undergo replatforming and create a new website design without losing the current SEO rating. With over 8 years of operating in the market, it is always a challenge to develop a new project. In this case, it was no different. Moreover, many technical aspects also had to be addressed, including migrating content (customer data, order history, product descriptions, etc.) from PrestaShop to a new platform, which was indeed a challenge on its own.

Why Sylius?

For Jimbissima, Sylius was the best available eCommerce solution for several reasons. First of all, with the focus on entering the new international markets, Sylius provided advanced functionalities and flexibility to confidently create a robust website without the risk of being unable to meet the market demands now and in the future. The second important aspect was hosting. Considering the fact that Jimbissima already had a second eCommerce website running on Sylius, CWS, with its hosting partner, set up an integration chain based on a server based on Kubernetes containers. Sharing the hosting and applications using this approach reduced monthly maintenance costs. The third reason for choosing Sylius was the prior CWS experience in Sylius and Symfony itself, which gave them more comfort and guaranteed that they could meet the deadlines with this technical stack.

Technical architecture overview?

CWS decided to entrust development to Sylius. A team of 2 senior back-end developers and 2 senior front-end developers worked on the project, supervised by an eCommerce project manager. The technical teams were thrilled to work with Sylius because since they knew the architecture well already. 

The merchant decided to move forward with a modular monolith instance, as this option was sufficient for this store.

The final implementation included:

  • 3rd party services integrations
  • Interface with a WMS solution for logistics processing
  • Integration of middleware with Shopping feed for aggregating flows from Marketplaces
  • Emailing and marketing automation solution using Mailjet
  • Verified feedback solution with a guaranteed feedback platform
  • A tracking plan for KPIs monitoring



Sylius is more than just an E-commerce solution. The fact that it’s a framework allows us to extend our needs as our ideas progress. It’s really very flexible and pleasant to use on a daily basis. Interfacing the digital ecosystem with other third-party solutions is child’s play with Sylius. 

Samir Djendoubi CTO IOTgourou 


We’re glad that we entrusted this migration to our IT partner CWS. They’re always very good at advising us, making suggestions, and providing us with a tailor-made integration. They’re real Symfony experts, which makes working with Sylius a lot easier. 

Nicolas Blusson CMO Jambissima

Final results

Better website performance

The new website is optimized for Google and works much faster on computers and mobile devices. 

A much faster site, optimized for Google



Increased number of orders

After two months online, CWS saw a 12% increase in orders from natural traffic without launching the SEA campaigns.

Better website transparency

Customers stay on the site for shorter periods and place orders more quickly. This proves that in terms of customer experience, the site perfectly meets the customers’ expectations.

Entering global marketplaces

Using 3rd party integrations, the company opened for marketplace sales, which resulted in significant on platforms like eBay. With a solid eCommerce tech core Jimbissima expects further development on their platforms for years to come, which is the best testimony to Sylius’ flexibility and arrangement with long-term growth, without being limited by the technology.