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Companies that trusted Sylius
Case studies
How to get from B2B to B2C with Sylius
built by Webgriffe
Polyphoto is an Italian distributor of prestigious brands that made the history of photography. Sixty years after its creation, the company has taken an important repositioning path on the national market.
Successful migration of the French printing giant
built by Printoclock
Replatforming of the French printing giant was not easy but definitely worth it. We are proud to admit that Sylius was a huge part of it. To learn more, read our Case Study.
Dumont Sécurité & SMSP
Dumont Sécurité & SMSP
built by ZOL
Dumont Sécurité and SMSP specialize in personal protective equipment as well as firefighting and first aid supplies.
The company was created 50 years ago and is based in France. It has two separate front ends and a common back-office. 
 First, is a B2B site based on customer accounts and quote requests.
 Second, allows B2C customers to purchase medical equipment online. Made by our partner ZOL. This project was a migration from Magento 1.
Textbook Ordering Platform for Šviesa
Textbook Ordering Platform for Šviesa
built by Nordcode is a platform to order textbooks and other educational press created especially for schools by Šviesa, a Lithuanian publishing house. It has been created with the main goal of books pre-sale, so the e-store had to flawlessly accommodate large orders and partial orders (100+ items of various products). At the same time, it had be integrated with third parties systems, and have an easy admin’s content operations panel. Our partner Nordcode decided to go headless using a decoupled front end set up on Nuxt.Js to make the content work faster and less complicated. The huge amount of product metadata related to textbooks required a reliable PIM tool, such as Akeneo along with a powerful search engine, in this case - ElasticSearch. They connected all of the puzzles with a powerful back end engine - Sylius e-commerce platform and additional Symfony customisations.
Paprcuts – online store
Paprcuts – online store
built by NFQ
Paprcuts is all about paper…just not quite. It’s a fresh, Berlin-based company using sustainable new materials such as for example Tyvek (synthetic paper), Coronet or Texon (both are vegan leather). The company produces fashion accessories such as wallets, purses, bags, and even watches using local economy while minding a closed and long product life-cycle at the same time. Their main operating region is DACH and France, however with the online store built by our partner NFQ on the basis of Sylius e-commerce platform is open worldwide.
built by Creatim
Gyllenhus is a family-owned precious metal trader from Sweden. The company needed to expand its online business to increase profits and stay in the game. Creatim was assigned with developing the Gyllenhus private marketplace portal, for the company’s corporate as well as retail customers. The portal’s advanced features include dynamic pricing, twin (buy/sell) baskets, and different registration processes for B2B and B2C customers.
built by Creatim
Extralux, a wholesale office supplier, conceived an innovative business model to optimize the availability of its products at a minimal cost. They asked Creatim to build a solution that draws on the distributed inventory model. By providing an optimized inventory at customers’ locations, refilling them regularly, and charging only for materials that have been used, the Extralux’s customers never run out of stock again.
built by Nedbase is a large Dutch, B2B-oriented webshop selling displays for brochures, posters, books etc. and related items.