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Filling the niche with a new Sylius-based store for self-defense
Creative Web Solution, our esteemed Professional Solution Partner, has created an online store for Pelta, a French company renowned for its expertise in the self-defense products industry. Through the implementation of Sylius, CWS has set a robust foundation for Pelta's digital commerce ambitions. This strategic choice has empowered the platform to effortlessly handle peak traffic of 7500 page views per minute without compromising website performance. Sylius has not only facilitated smooth operational scalability and adaptability for Pelta but also significantly contributed to the company's ability to maintain high website performance under heavy traffic conditions, ensuring a steady and reliable online shopping experience for customers across Europe.
Filling the niche with a new Sylius-based store for self-defense

About the company

With over 15 years of experience in the market, Pelta is a French company specializing in selling self-defense products, including pepper sprays, tasers, alarms, flashlights, and other related accessories. While the company is based in France, its reach has expanded to other European countries, establishing itself as a trusted provider of personal safety solutions known for its quality products and commitment to customer safety and security.

The projects aim

After launching an ambitious brand within a niche market of high potential, Pelta has successfully ventured into marketplace sales. Encouraged by robust and promising sales figures, the company has broadened its eCommerce strategy internationally, beginning with the launch of an eCommerce website across Europe. Pelta is actively preparing to extend its reach into the United States and Asia, demonstrating its commitment to becoming a global leader in self-defense products.

Pelta aimed to become the leading European player in the range of self-defense products and to sell in twenty European countries by the second year. The website was designed to be scalable to anticipate the expected increase in load quickly.

“Like any business start-up, we don’t know what the future will look like. We started by creating a minimum viable product (MVP) for the launch, knowing that we need to keep it under the hood to evolve the platform as the business evolves. ” explains Grégory Driot, CEO of Creative Web Solution

The main challenge

Due to complex international legislation, the website required flexibility regarding law adaption. Apart from that, other requirements included:

  • An adaptive tech environment that is easy to tailor to an ever-changing digital strategy
  • Possibility to sell products to countries outside Europe
  • High traffic handling at all time
  • A headless, API driven solution to connect to multiple user & developer interfaces

In the customer brief, there was a specific request to plan to operate multiple warehouses to store their products, necessitating the implementation of various Warehouse Management Systems (WMS). Reflecting this strategy, Pelta has already established a warehouse in Barcelona and another in the United States, indicating proactive steps toward global logistics optimization.

The solution

Given the unique circumstances, choosing Sylius in a headless architecture proved particularly advantageous. Instead of settling for a conventional website, CWS decided the most strategic approach would be to decouple the business components – such as order management, product catalog management, payment methods, logistics, etc. – from the website’s front-end layer. Adopting this method ensured the backend and front end functioned independently, thus removing any possible disruptions. They now operate without interference and communicate seamlessly through APIs.

Used technologies include:

  • Sylius
  •  ElasticSearch
  •  NodeJS
  •  HTML / CSS / JS
  •  Docker

Also, several third-party solutions have been integrated:

  • WMS solution for logistics processing
  • Integration of a Custom middleware to simplify the link between WMS and Amazon Seller
  • Mailjet – An email and marketing automation solution
  • A tracking plan has been implemented to track all KPIs

Why Sylius? 

Opting for Sylius was an ideal decision due to its unparalleled flexibility and scalability. It laid a solid groundwork for an eCommerce platform already serving multiple countries with plans for further expansion and integration with additional external tools. This choice allows for effortless scaling in response to market trends, a burgeoning customer base, and swift adaptation to anticipated and unforeseen shifts.

Creative Web Solution – “The sales volume so far was very impressive, hence our suggestion to set up a scalable Sylius platform was a way to go. Depending on the volume and country’s requirements, Pelta can always consider switching to a commercial license and thus be ready for further development with a peace of mind. “



In response to this brand project launch, we didn’t really know where we were going. Between the expected figures and the reality, we had to provide from the beginning a platform that would enable us to support our growth. Sylius was proposed.

We immediately thought about hosting in the cloud to have different servers across Europe and the world, but also to be able to absorb the expected increase in power. – explains Grégory Driot, CEO Creative Web Solution. 


Pelta is delighted to have placed his trust in CWS by choosing a Sylius headless platform for this ambitious project.

Pelta is satisfied with the service, deadlines have been respected and everything is running smoothly. CWS and Enix have succeeded in providing a website and infrastructure that meet their international ambitions.

Nicolas Blusson explains – We subsequently expanded the offer to four new countries while we also plan to enter the US market in the future.


The website is now optimally positioned to lead the European and US markets, with all necessary gateways established.

Thanks to the headless architecture, cloud hosting, and effective cache management, the site has been shielded from traffic issues during media campaigns.

Pelta witnessed the site handling peak traffic of 7500 page views per minute seamlessly, without any impact on website performance.