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Companies that trusted Sylius
Case studies
Midland: “Moving communication” through Europe with Sylius
built by Webgriffe
Based on this case study, it's clear that Webgriffe completed the project for Midland, effectively addressing the challenges presented and meeting the company's needs. By leveraging their expertise and strategic planning, Webgriffe improved Midland's digital presence and enhanced the brand's overall online user experience. The collaboration between Midland and Webgriffe, rooted in a deep understanding of Midland's goals and identity, has led to significant improvements across the board. This project exemplifies how a well-executed digital strategy and thoughtful implementation can transform a company's online ecosystem, making Webgriffe an integral partner in Midland's ongoing success.
ArtNight custom-tailored solution on Sylius
built by BitBag
Through collaboration, BitBag, our Global Solution Partner, developed a new platform for ArtNight, transforming it into an entertainment marketplace. This innovation significantly enhanced ArtNight's digital capabilities, improving accessibility, performance, and the site's overall user experience. The upgrade made the platform well-integrated, stable, and scalable, allowing the company to grow and expand to a certain degree without additional interventions.
SPORT 2000: One-Brand Online Marketplace with Sylius
built by Mezcalito
Our partner Mezcalito has recently gone live with an impressive e-commerce project for Sport 2000 - a multisport specialist brand, comprising of a group of independent traders, with 50 years of experience in the Sport and Leisure market in France and internationally. Read how they made this complex idea real.
POPSUGAR: We’ve rebuilt the subscription logic with Sylius
built by POPSUGAR
POPSUGAR Must Have is one of most popular subscription service for women that sends subscribers a monthly box of items (fashion, cosmetics etc.) curated by POPSUGAR editors.
ZuluTails or how to tag your pet in a subscription model
ZuluTails or how to tag your pet in a subscription model
built by Inhouse team

Zulu tails is a company with a clear mission - to protect your identity and reunite pets with their family as quickly as possible. They came up with a unique solution to facilitate reconnecting with your lost pet. 

It is essentially a smart tag that connects you with your pet instantly and securely.

In this unique business, Sylius framework worked as a base for the subscription model - at Zulu tails, pet owners can purchase yearly subscriptions for the tagging service. The price varies depending on the number of pets subscribed. As the subscription model moves away from a standard ecommerce shop logic, Sylius - again - fit like a glove with open frames that didn’t constrain the development team. 

Centre of Excellence – Learning Management System
Centre of Excellence – Learning Management System
built by Soap Media
Centre of Excellence is a complex learning platform with over 1 million registered users. It offers courses in over 120 subject areas from wellness to neuro linguistic programming areas. It is the largest Learning Management System in the UK side to Udemy. With the migration from WooCommerce and WordPress to Sylius it reported dazzling results. The ecommerce conversion rate from organic traffic increased 16.5% since the launch of the new website, providing a 202% growth in transactions, and subsequently - a massive, 206% increase in revenue.
Hans Natur – online store
Hans Natur – online store
built by NFQ
Hans Natur is an e-commerce platform that offers a wide range of ecological goods for babies and older children. They believe in sustainable economy, that’s why they use their own production for textiles, promote local production for their assortment and opt for ecological components without dubious substances. NFQ used a proven solution for this project - Sylius e-commerce platform as the engine, Akeneo PIM for the product management, and ONGR bundles to boost the speed in general and speed search in particular.
BabyCity – online store
BabyCity – online store
built by NFQ
BabyCity is a part of the Kortyna Group, the largest wholesale network supplying products for children in the Baltic region. The online store provides everything you may need for newborns, babies, and toddlers. You can find there furniture such as cots, highchairs or beds, prams, car seats, all sort of accessories, and - of course - toys.  With such a wide assortment, our partner NFQ opted for Akeneo PIM for the product management and Sylius e-commerce platform as the online store engine.