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Country: Poland

CMS Plugin by BitBag

Content management system for eCommerce apps created on Sylius platform. Built with Sylius code quality, flexibility, BDD.
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price: FREE

Wishlist Plugin by BitBag

This plugin allows you to integrate wishlist features with Sylius platform app.
price: FREE

MailChimp Plugin by BitBag

Simple MailChimp integration with Sylius eCommerce framework.
price: FREE

Shipping Export Plugin by BitBag

Shipping export management architecture for Sylius based apps.
price: FREE

Adyen Plugin by BitBag

Sylius Adyen payments integration.
price: FREE

Elastic Search Plugin by BitBag

Elasticsearch integration for Sylius apps.
price: FREE

Mercanet BNP Paribas Plugin by BitBag

BnpParibas Mercanet payment gateway for Sylius based applications.
price: FREE

Przelewy24 Plugin by BitBag

This plugin allows you to integrate Przelewy24 payments in your Sylius instance.
price: FREE

PayU Plugin by BitBag

PayU payment plugin for Sylius applications.
price: FREE

DHL24 Shipping Export Plugin by BitBag

DHL Shipping export plugin for Sylius platform applications.
price: FREE