Sylius v1.4.0 released
News Technical 3 min read
The first minor Sylius release in 2019 has been published! The role-based authorization control plugin, enhanced password hashing, developer experience improvements, decluttered testing architecture, PHP 7.3 support, closer integration with Symfony ecosystem – all of those made its way into v1.4.0. Core changes This release focuses… Read More
Sylius Year in Review 2018
Business Ecosystem 5 min read
It’s been an exciting year full of victories and lessons learned. 🙂 2017 is when we founded the dedicated Sylius company and released the first stable version of the framework. 2018 is the year when both the business and community flourished in great harmony, of which… Read More
How to issue an invoice in Sylius?
Technical 2 min read
All aboard the plugin train! What if once you have ordered some products and completed the payment process you would receive an email with a pdf document as a proof of placing the order? What’s more, this file would also contain both your and shop’s name, address and… Read More
A Month of Sylius #11 (November 2018)
News 2 min read
¡Hola! Time flies, doesn’t it? Every „Month of Sylius” is full of work, fun, and workshops – this time was no different, but let’s see what was the most important when it comes to our organization.   First of all, we started a recruitment… Read More
A simple way to cancel your orders in Sylius
News Technical 2 min read
Hello everyone! Another week means another official Sylius plugin discussed. Although the customer is now able to reorder a previously placed order and to refund it, there’s still plenty of order-related features that need to be covered. Have you ever placed an order, not paid for it yet… Read More
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