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Sylius v1.5.0 released
Sylius v1.5.0 released

Three and a half months after the latest minor release, we are back with Sylius v1.5.0.

I am happy to say that our new developers – Adam and Tomasz had a significant influence on this release. Together they have opened 6 from all 24 pull requests that have been merged to v1.5.0.


What is inside?

You can see the full changelog on GitHub.

  • The installation process has been made easier by allowing you to define the default locale
  • Shipment management benefits from a dedicated list of shipments in the admin panel
  • Promotion coupons can be now configured whether they should be reusable after cancelling an order which used them
  • Admin API became more powerful with added order list endpoint
  • Navigation shortcuts have been introduced: you can go straight from creating a product to managing its variants and much more

Technical highlights

Since the v1.4.0 release, we have managed to extract components and bundles not related to e-commerce to their own repositories and make them standalone packages. They are still supported as promised and this change is meant to both make development faster and grow the community around them. The extracted packages are:

What does it mean for you as an end user? You should not notice any difference, Composer will take care of the transition when updating the dependencies.

What does it mean for you as an open source contributor? It is easier for you to get involved in the projects as the codebase is smaller, CI feedback is faster and it’s easier for us to give away a bit of control over those packages.

Get more insight into this change by reading the issue on Github.


The growth rate of our Slack community is astonishing – there is almost 2100 of us, 300 more than four months ago. There are 158 Sylius plugins on Packagist, compared to 60 last year. Thank you all for creating such an amazing community!


Give it a try!

If you would like to give Sylius a test ride, check out our demo.

You can install Sylius following the instructions in the documentation or upgrade your existing application following our upgrade guide.

According to our release process, Sylius v1.1 will stop receiving security fixes on 13th June and Sylius v1.3 will stop receiving bug fixes on 1st June. Please consider updating your Sylius instances if you’re using versions before v1.4.

Enjoy Sylius v1.5.0!


Kamil Kokot
Kamil is a self-taught developer, working mostly as a Solution Specialist. Currently focused on empowering development teams by improving Sylius architecture and processes. A tea lover and a minimalist, interested in linguistics and cognitive science.
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