2023 Summary and What’s About to Come 👀
Business Ecosystem News 14 min read
As 2023 unfolded, it was a remarkable year for Sylius, marked by transformative leadership, inspiring community engagement, and innovative strides in the eCommerce world. Under the new stewardship of Mikołaj Król and Damian Murawski, Sylius continued its journey as a pioneering force in open-source eCommerce solutions. They embarked on new… Read More
Month of Sylius: November 🍂
November at Sylius was a month filled with community engagement and shared achievements. The lasting impact of SyliusCon highlighted the event’s significance and the strong connections within our community. This month also saw Sylius Plus stand out with significant improvements to its modules and unveiling a new product demo. Additionally,… Read More
Month of Sylius: September 🌰
News 11 min read
As the cool breeze of autumn begins to dance through the streets, the things at Sylius has been anything but at rest. From advancing our product offerings to engaging with the community through many events – the journey was nothing short of exciting. Now, as we stride into the exhilarating… Read More
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