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Month of Sylius: November 🍂

November at Sylius was a month filled with community engagement and shared achievements. The lasting impact of SyliusCon highlighted the event’s significance and the strong connections within our community. This month also saw Sylius Plus stand out with significant improvements to its modules and unveiling a new product demo. Additionally, engaging blog posts shed light on different facets of working with Sylius, underscoring its adaptability. Moreover, recent statistics reveal another milestone achieved by Sylius. Buckle up! It’s going to be quite a summary!

The 2nd SyliusCon

A month has passed since SyliusCon, and it’s clear that the event has significantly impacted the Sylius community. Regarded as a milestone in our journey, the conference brought together key players and enthusiasts from the Sylius ecosystem. For those who couldn’t attend, our blog offers a detailed look at what transpired, highlighting the event’s preparation, key moments, speakers, and vibrant atmosphere. To get a natural feel of the excitement and engagement at SyliusCon, we encourage you to watch the Aftermovie, which captures the essence of the conference dynamically and engagingly. Check out the blog and Aftermovie for an insightful glimpse into this milestone event!

🔗 Reflecting on SyliusCon – another milestone in our journey!

Product updates

Here’s a comprehensive overview of the recent updates and progress from our public GitHub repository:

Maintenance and Upgrades

  • Update README.md (#15569, #15542, #15538): Enhancements to README files.
  • Add note to UPGRADE file about introducing TaxonImageRepository (#15540): A step towards better upgrade documentation.
  • Add ignore-parse-errors to composer require checker (#15531): Enhancing the composer’s functionality.
  • Disable check for security vulnerabilities step (#15527): Improving security processes.
  • Add if_array check in ProductAttributeValueNormalizer.php (#15522): Code improvement for better array handling.
  • Make the User class compatible with Symfony 6 to use encoder_name (#15287): Updating the User class for Symfony compatibility.

API Improvements and Bug Fixes

  • Update validation message for command argument types (#15568): Enhancing API validation messages.
  • Cover ‘order filtration’ scenarios in API (#15566): Expanding API order management.
  • Resolve actions and rules configuration validation (#15551): Strengthening API configuration.
  • Fix Default variant (#15548): Improving default variant handling.
  • Revert changing taxon image file (#15546): Better image file management.
  • Modifying placed order billing & shipping addresses (#15532): API enhancements for address modifications.
  • Cover payment method management (#15530): Expanding API payment features.
  • Managing product images (#15509): Adding product image management in Admin API.
  • Managing taxon images (#15504): Introducing taxon image management in Admin API.
  • Automatically add a default translation to translatables (#15501): Streamlining API translation process.
  • Replace sylius calendar (#15500, #15499): Updating API calendar functionality.
  • Remove ItemNormalizer class (#15484): Refining API structure.
  • Add Customer resources (#15457): Enhancing API with customer management resources.
  • Cover editing and deleting channels (#15452): Expanding API channel management capabilities.

Documentation and Developer Experience Enhancements

  • Fix display link in authorize page (#15565): Improving documentation links.
  • Update catalog_promotions.rst (#15515): Clarifying documentation.
  • Update BootstrapTheme install doc (#15513): Enhancing BootstrapTheme installation guide.
  • Update taxation.rst (#15487): Refining taxation documentation.
  • Refactor (#15564, #15580): Code style and developer experience improvements.

Version Upmerges and Localization

  • UPMERGE 1.13 -> 2.0, 1.12 -> 1.13 (#15537, #15534, #15533, #15520, #15519): Progressing the project through version upmerges.
  • Unification of locale in translations (#15535): Streamlining API localization.

Frontend Improvements in Admin Panel

  • Fix index pages in configuration and marketing sections (#15483, #15482): Enhancing admin frontend index page management.
  • Fix Customers’, Shipments’, Payment’s index page, Implement inventory index page, Implement order’s show page (#15476, #15473, #15471, #15467, #15461): Diverse improvements to the admin frontend.
  • Implement taxon’s CRUD, Implement product’s CRUD (#15454, #15453): Adding CRUD operations for taxons and products.
  • Admin Panel’s templates cleanup, Add pagination, Implement Dashboard view, Add twig_event function, Add basic pages for show/update/create/index, Add Login page, sidebar, and navbar to Admin Panel (#15404, #15403, #15398, #15382, #15377, #15365, #15363, #15361, #15352, #15350, #15347): Comprehensive updates and enhancements to the admin panel.

API and DX Maintenance

  • Add more separation rules to arkitect (#15525): Improving API architecture.
  • Added remaining APIs for the Promotion resource (#15524): Completing API resources for promotions.
  • Implement TTL validation for password reset tokens (#15497): Enhancing security in UserBundle.
  • Swiftmailer removal (#15495): Updating email handling.
  • Make verification and password reset token unique (#15488): Ensuring unique tokens for enhanced security.
  • Refactor injecting data to commands from input data processors to context builders (#15478): Refining data handling processes.
  • Enhance Country code validation (#15472): Improving validation in API.
  • Add twig_event function and basic pages for show, update, create, index, Login page, sidebar, and navbar to Admin Panel (#15382, #15377, #15365, #15363, #15361, #15352, #15350, #15347): Enhancing the admin frontend with new functionalities and interface elements.

Other Notable PRs:

  • Prevent division by zero (#15518): Addressing mathematical errors.
  • Add suite isolation (#15517): Improving testing reliability.
  • Fix cart styles after form submission (#15507): Enhancing the shopping cart interface.
  • Introduce Repository classes for Addressing, Attribute & Currency (#15503): Improving code organization and functionality.

Most active external contributors

Contributors are the essence of our ecosystem. We will always strive to appreciate those who make efforts to improve our product. This month, we are proud to acknowledge 9 external contributors who have made a great effort to submit improvements to our Sylius Core. Thank you for your support, and we hope these are not the last contributions we see! 💪

Changes in Sylius Plus

This month at Sylius Plus, we’ve focused on enhancing our modules, resulting in significant improvements. Notably, we’ve enhanced both the User and Developer Experience across the product, particularly in the newly released B2B and One Page Checkout modules. Additionally, we’ve introduced two new demos of the Plus-licensed product. For those interested in acquiring specific modules rather than the entire license, stay tuned for more details next month. To discover all the recent changes or to learn more about the product, you can schedule a demo in English, German, or French with one of our representatives at Sylius Plus.

Announced Sylius project victories ✌️

In November, Sylius was part of a successful implementation, and our partner shared the results of deploying Sylius in their project. Check it out! ⬇️

Move:elevator launches Phantasialand’s new online store with Sylius

Phantasialand, a renowned theme park and hotel resort, in collaboration with move:elevator, has launched a new online store built on the Sylius backend. This innovative shop offers tickets for the theme park, Celebr:eat events, the Fantissima dinner show, and various vouchers. The primary goal of this project was to develop a customer-centric platform. This platform is designed to place guests’ needs and preferences at the forefront across all systems, ensuring a personalized and engaging experience for every visitor. Check how the website works here!

After four years of working with Sylius, Dedi Agency proudly announces they have completed 12 projects

While it’s not a case study, it’s worth highlighting Dedi Agency’s achievement in completing 12 projects with the Sylius backend. Each project showcases Dedi’s commitment to innovation and client collaboration, featuring tailored solutions in UX, configurators, back office processes, data migrations, and interfaces with ERP, PIM & CRM, all enhanced by the Dedi SEO plugin. Kudos to Dedi for their impressive work! Find out more in the post.

Blog articles about Sylius

In addition to the remarkable success stories of our clients, the last month has been bustling with numerous blog entries. Here are some publications you should check out:

Partner network highlights

We’re excited to introduce our new partners joining the Sylius ecosystem, each bringing a unique blend of technical knowledge and innovative solutions in the eCommerce sphere. Our network of partners is constantly growing, and we’re delighted to welcome these esteemed companies into our community.

Keenobi from Montpellier, France 🇫🇷 

We’re introducing our new and only Professional Hosting Partner from France – Keenobi! With expertise in cloud platforms such as Private Cloud, AWS, GCP, and Azure, they’re a leader in technological innovation and service excellence. Keenobi ensures high-quality, innovative solutions, especially for eCommerce sites on Sylius, 🦢 focusing on scalability, performance, security, FinOPS, and adopting DevOps practices. This partnership is a significant boost to our commitment to providing the best hosting experiences.

ASECO from Aix-en-Provence, France 🇫🇷

We’re excited to share that ACSEO, once a Professional Solution Partner, is now a Premium Solution Partner. Founded in 2009, ACSEO is a French development studio with offices in Aix-en-Provence and Montpellier. They focus on building web and mobile applications, with a strong track record in creating business apps and eCommerce platforms. Using Symfony and an agile approach, they serve startups and large companies. ACSEO’s services include everything from UI/UX Design to DevOps infrastructure, offering full-scale solutions.

7000+ stores running with Sylius 📈

Recently, builtwith.com statistics have shown a new milestone for Sylius – over 7,000 online stores are now powered by our platform. This number is impressive, especially since it doesn’t fully include headless implementations and internal systems that use Sylius. Our success as a solid open-source solution reflects the commitment of our community, partners, and those who recognize Sylius’s benefits. As a self-funded company standing out among industry giants, this achievement underscores Sylius’s strengths and value in the competitive eCommerce solution space.

Upcoming event! 📢


SymfonyCon Brussels 2023 kicked off on December 5th with dynamic two-day workshops packed with opportunities for learning and networking. And you might be intrigued to know there’s a chance you’ll see a bit of Sylius making its presence felt. Starting December 7th, the conference has three engaging tracks, each overflowing with insightful talks and lively discussions centered around Symfony. And the grand finale hackathon on the last day, creating the perfect environment for coders and tech enthusiasts to show their skills!

Members of our Core Team, including Mikołaj Król, CEO of Sylius, will proudly represent Sylius at the upcoming event. We’re excited to see our partners SensioLabs, Les-Tilleuls.coop, and SMILE, who are sponsors of SymfonyCon. It’s an ideal opportunity for us to meet, exchange ideas, and immerse ourselves in the world of Symfony. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Get your own ElePHPant – a symbol of the PHP community!

In partnership with Monsieur Biz, we’re excited to offer you a chance to get your own ElePHPant, the well-loved mascot of the PHP community. The Kickstarter campaign is already up and running, giving you a fantastic opportunity to grab one of these unique ElePHPants. They’re not just plush toys; they stand for the creative spirit of PHP, a vision created by Vincent Pontier in 1998. From the first drawings to the creation of the plush in 2007, they’ve grown to be symbols of our love for developing. The Kickstarter will be open until the end of the year. Don’t miss this chance to own a part of PHP history. Head over to sylius.elephpant.com now and join in on this exciting opportunity!

Social media mentions

As we do every month, we identify the most engaging mentions by reviewing our social media. In the blog about SyliusCon 2023, we also featured the top highlights from our community here! 💙 Check out this month’s standouts:

Last words

One month after SyliusCon, our community still strongly feels the conference’s positive ripple effect. Many things happened in the past few weeks. The past month was also abuzz with insightful blog posts and captivating social media activity, shining a light on the diverse applications and advantages of Sylius. All the achievements underscores the robust engagement and dedication of our community and partners. Till the next one! ⏭️

Mikołaj Król
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