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Reflecting on SyliusCon – another milestone in our journey!

For over three months, we had been in the throes of preparation for SyliusCon, navigating through the complexities of event planning with a singular focus. Then, as part of our strategic planning, SyliusDays in Paris appeared on our roadmap. Far from a setback, we embraced it with a ‘why not’ attitude – another challenge we were determined to meet head-on! Weeks flew by, and as SyliusCon drew ever closer twelve days ago, it unfolded, etching a defining chapter in our story.

In this blog article, we wanted to briefly summarize everything we have been working on so hard and what has happened before and during the conference. Let us begin! ⬇️

A day before 👀

The eve of the conference saw half of the Sylius team converge on Poznań to set the stage for what was to be an unforgettable day. The preparations were followed by a delightful dinner for the speakers and a be(er)fore party for all SyliusCon participants. Our core team met for a workshop to brainstorm the upcoming months of the product roadmap within a specific context. The turnout and enthusiasm exceeded our expectations, setting a joyful prelude to the main event. During the day, all the participants received a unique chance to break the ice and network with people they know so well from the community. The turnout and enthusiasm exceeded our expectations, setting a joyful prelude to the main event.

The conference day

As the first rays of light caressed the SyliusCon venue, our dedicated attendees began their journey with us, checking in at 8:00 AM with a welcoming smile. Despite the havoc wreaked by recent storms, the number of those who joined us was remarkable, and we’re eager to share tales of their resilience.

With a flourish, Mikołaj Król, our CEO, set SyliusCon into full swing at 9:15 AM. The day’s program rapidly branched into three dynamic sessions, each delivering its promise of enlightenment. The atmosphere buzzed with the Sylius community’s vibrant discourse and exchange of ideas. The interlude offered a flavorful array of Polish gastronomy, augmented by a medley of activities from chess to gaming, culminating in a thrilling race challenge courtesy of Commerce Weavers.

Post-lunch, the air was thick with triumph; the vibrant spirits of our attendees were a testament to the event’s grandeur. The succession of talks was a deep well of knowledge, each drop rich with insight. The conference’s climax was met with the thrill of the Mollie ElePHPant raffle, orchestrated by Sebastian Michaud. As the event drew to a close, it left a resonance of learning, fellowship, and, undeniably, a desire for more.

In revealing the layers of dedication that went into the making of SyliusCon, we aim to highlight the sheer tenacity and passion that powered this event. It’s with pride that we say, through every challenge, we’ve soared. We poured our essence into crafting an event and making it legendary. We gathered the crème de la crème of open-source eCommerce intellects, all under one roof, sparking an unprecedented union of communities, partners, the core team, and every Sylius enthusiast.

A few extra words about the speakers 📣

SyliusCon’s success hinged on the expertise of its speakers – esteemed experts who guided attendees through a comprehensive journey of insight and innovation.

The conference stood as a testament to the robust network within the Sylius community. Each speaker and attendee brought their distinct experience, contributing to a dynamic forum of knowledge exchange and strategic collaboration that resonated with the professional drive and shared pursuit of excellence in eCommerce.

  • Jakub Tobiasz from Sylius provided an in-depth look at Twig template events, imparting his knowledge as a Sylius team member and core contributor.
  • Ben Marks from Shopware traveled 15 hours to discuss the success of open-source in commerce and its implications for the future.
  • Przemysław Połeć from the Sylius team delved into the modular aspects of Sylius Plus, sharing strategies and insights.
  • Johannes Wachter from Sulu engaged the audience in mastering content management within eCommerce platforms.
  • Filip Rakowski from Vue Storefront spoke about headless front-ends and hinted at an exciting new announcement.
  • Łukasz Chruściel and Mateusz Zalewski from Commerce Weavers guided attendees through the typical pitfalls of Sylius development.
  • Przemysław Ptasiński from BitBag explored the application of Sylius at Mytheresa’s major enterprise fashion eCommerce.
  • Kuba Zwoliński from SnowDog, after a lengthy journey, compared various eCommerce solutions.
  • Loïc Frémont from Akawaka brought a fresh perspective on CRUD operations within Sylius.
  • Marcin Piwowarczyk from Ergonode showed how to transcend Excel and embrace more efficient work methods.
  • Olivier Allain and Hélèna Gravelier from Synolia tackled the significant high-traffic website performance optimization issue.
  • Ivo Lukač from Netgen showcased advanced web page layout management techniques based on Symfony.
  • Jacques Bodin-Hullin from Monsieur Biz revealed how to deploy Sylius within a mere 30 minutes.
  • Sebastian Michaud from Mollie discussed the company’s approach to quality control and integration release improvements.
  • Andrejus Voitovas from NFQ spoke on the long-term maintenance of Sylius projects.
  • Stephan Hochdörfer from bitExpert AG introduced ways to enhance the customer search experience with Gally.
  • Radosław Żurawski from BitBag demonstrated the integration and use of marketplaces with Sylius.
  • Oliver Kossin from QOSSMIC presented Sulu as a headless content management system.
  • Anna Karoń from SnowDog addressed myths about accessibility in e-commerce.
  • Guillaume Loulier from SensioLabs provided insights into transitioning out legacy systems in the Symfony framework.
  • Joachim Løvgaard: Although unable to attend at the last minute, his anticipated presence was missed, and we look forward to potentially welcoming him next year.
  • Gabriel Udrescu: Stepped in with barely two days’ notice to replace Joachim, delivering a vital talk on managing high traffic during Black Friday with Sylius.

Each speaker brought a unique lens to the Sylius experience, contributing to an event that was as informative as it was inspiring. Their collective wisdom was shared and multiplied as attendees took these learnings back to their own teams and projects.

And for those who want to revisit or experience these illuminating talks for the first time, we have great news: all presentations will be uploaded to our YouTube channel. Stay tuned for the chance to dive back into the wealth of knowledge shared at SyliusCon! Consider subscribing to the channel if you haven’t already!

Sponsors – other SyliusCon heroes

We are immensely grateful to all our sponsors whose contributions were pivotal to the success of SyliusCon. A special mention to Mollie, our naming sponsor who, despite the challenges posed by the cyclone in Europe, was represented with distinction by Sebastian Michaud.

Our heartfelt appreciation extends to our Gold partners, BitBag, for their dynamic role in our marketing initiatives and their luminous presence at the event. Watching Ergonode elucidate the advantages of leveraging a PIM system to enhance Sylius-based eCommerce solutions was undoubtedly a high point of the conference.

A hearty salute to Commerce Weavers, our Silver sponsors, for setting up an entertainment corner that added an extra layer of enjoyment for the attendees. A commendation is also due to SensioLabs and Monsieur Biz, our steadfast supporters for the second consecutive year, whose ongoing partnership is deeply valued.

We must also express our profound thanks to our Bronze sponsors and media partners: Emagma, Netgen, bitExpert AG, Vue Storefront, Sulu, LH.pl, Centuria, PHPers Summit, e-Izba, ForumPHP, JustJoin.it, and No Fluff Jobs, for their invaluable support.

Celebration at the bowling after-party 🥂

After an intensive day of insightful presentations and dynamic discussions at SyliusCon, attendees could unwind and reflect on everything that happened during the day. The after-party provided a relaxed atmosphere for participants, sponsors, and speakers to engage in more personal conversations, exchange their thoughts on the conference, and network in a less formal setting.

Guests were treated to an array of Polish spirits, drinks, and beers, accompanied by snacks to enjoy while mingling. The evening also offered a friendly competition, with bowling and shuffleboard games available, allowing attendees to challenge each other.

This gathering served as an exceptional conclusion to the conference, encapsulating the spirit of collaboration and celebration that marked the entirety of SyliusCon. It was an evening that allowed for relaxation and strengthened the connections within the Sylius community, cementing relationships that will continue to thrive in the professional sphere.

Integration of the Sylius Vue Storefront

The announcement of a new integration by Mikołaj Król and Filip Rakowski at SyliusCon has sparked excitement within the eCommerce community. This collaboration heralds the upcoming release of the SyliusVueStorefrontThemeBoilerplate, a cutting-edge solution that aims to revolutionize how businesses construct their online storefronts.

With the integration utilizing the capabilities of Vue Storefront 2, companies can craft engaging and adaptive user interfaces with relative ease. This boilerplate aims to significantly reduce the time needed for the initial setup of a storefront, thereby giving businesses a jump start in tailoring their eCommerce platforms to fit unique brand requirements and customer experiences.

As an open-source project, the SyliusVueStorefrontThemeBoilerplate invites developers and businesses to partake in its evolution, allowing them to mold it according to various market demands and preferences. The invitation to explore is open for those keen to dive into this innovation and watch the progress or contribute to the development. The project is still in its Work in Progress, yet it was announced to be finished in the following weeks. As a testimony, it was released to the public so that everyone could track the progress or even contribute. It can be found on GitHub, where the synergy of Sylius and Vue Storefront is about to get its final shape.

Featured social media mentions

Reflecting on the successful SyliusCon event, we wanted to spotlight some of the most engaging social media mentions resonating with us and the community. These posts captured the essence of the conference and spread the word about the incredible experiences shared amongst participants, speakers, and sponsors. We’re excited to feature a few standout contributions:

These shares spotlight the vibrant engagement and reflections of the SyliusCon participants, echoing the event’s impact across the community.


SyliusCon emerged as a crucial convergence for eCommerce professionals, with a diverse international attendance symbolizing a unified open-source community. The conference was a nexus of innovation and collective expertise, from strategizing high-traffic events to navigating the nuances of eCommerce platforms. As the event wrapped, the after-party provided a relaxed setting for fostering enduring professional relationships. Reflective social media posts highlighted the event’s resonance, while the commitment to an open-source ethos was palpable. We immensely thank all contributors and eagerly anticipate next year’s gathering! 💚

Patryk Baczewski
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