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Introducing Sylius Plus
Introducing Sylius Plus

We are extremely excited to announce Sylius Plus – the next step in the evolution of our product. After carefully gathering feedback from the community, customers and our partners, we introduce a commercial value-proposition that will get your business catalyzed*.

*Catalyze = cause or accelerate (a reaction) by acting as a catalyst.

Wait, what is Sylius again?

Sylius is a next generation Open Source eCommerce Platform. Being built with PHP on top of the enterprise-grade Symfony framework, it is the most modern and stable foundation for professional eCommerce projects.

We are building our product to solve the challenge of selling online through various channels. “Websites” and “store views” are the assumption of the past. We focus on providing the foundation for the professional development of omnichannel eCommerce for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs).

Not a framework anymore?

So far, we were positioning Sylius as the framework for eCommerce to emphasize our focus on great developer experience and the flexibility that allows implementing even the most challenging ideas. These will remain our core values but our solution has been successfully used as a replacement for the mainstream platforms and with the new naming we can reach a wider audience.


Sylius has been growing rapidly since its stable release in 2017. Daily installations have reached the 1000 level and it’s safe to say there are more than a 1000 applications running in production. Sylius is catalyzing hundreds of millions of EUR in transactions every year.

More and more impactful organizations use or consider Sylius. The market expectations for the product and our services have been only growing. In order to respond to this demand, we are introducing Sylius Plus – a powerful set of enterprise-grade features and much more.

Like many Open Source projects and software vendors, we are looking to find a balance between voluntary work with the community and monetization to better realize our purpose. As a community-driven and self-funded company, we are working hard to maintain our full autonomy and this is one of the solutions we believe will be the most efficient.

What is inside?

Becoming a Sylius Plus Customer comes with the following benefits over the “Free / On Your Own” strategy:

Enterprise-grade Features

Sylius Plus ships with the complex to develop and expensive to maintain features that will reduce your business costs and minimize risks:

✔ Advanced Multi-Store

✔ Returns Management

✔ Advanced User Permissions

✔ Enhanced Performance, Security and Data Audit

✔ Multi-Source Inventory

More than just a software

We are not in the business of just selling licenses. A dedicated Customer Success Manager and our professional services and support teams are there for you. Leverage our Technical Support and eCommerce experience to ensure smooth operation and get most out of Sylius technology. For the challenging and mission-critical projects, we contribute our expertise accumulated from many Sylius implementations though Project Success Assistance.

Learn more

What about the community and the free edition?

We are 100% committed to continuing the development of the free edition. We expect to provide even more value for free to the community of developers and technical enthusiast thanks to the resources we gain from our new product sales. To prove that, together with Sylius Plus, we will be shipping a couple of new improvements:

  • FREE “Getting started with Sylius” Guide, which walks you through the process of installing Sylius, customizing it and deploying a production environment.
  • FREE BootstrapTheme, which should serve as an alternative and easier-to-use theme skeleton for your custom designs. It uses Webpack and Encore.
  • FREE Theming Guide, which will make it easier for teams and developers to create a unique look and feel of the stores built with Sylius.

As a fully independent business, without any outside pressure to grow faster than we want, we will continue community building, invest even more in events, user groups and listen carefully to our supporters and friends.

The license of the free and Open Source package available on GitHub is not affected and is still MIT. We will not remove any features.

We know where our roots are and we will continue listening to and working with the community as we did when making the decision about introducing Sylius Plus! All that being said, we prefer our actions to speak for themselves, thank you for your trust and let’s see what the future brings.

How to get access?

If you would like to evaluate Sylius Plus and decide if it’s the right choice for your business, schedule a FREE call with the creators of the platform. It is time that you can spend to consult any eCommerce challenge you are facing and receive professional and honest advice.

You can also contact one of our official Solution Partners directly.

For Developers

Sylius Plus is a Composer package installable and distributed via Private Packagist. You can add it to a new or existing Sylius project.

Want to get a taste of Sylius? Download.

What is the licensing and pricing?

Instead of basing it on factors like the number of servers, users or products, we decided to implement fair, value-based pricing. It will allow us to help smaller businesses but also meet the expectations of even the most challenging projects by being able to reinvest into product development appropriately. The price of the annual subscription depends on the value of transactions going through Sylius Plus and there are no differences in feature availability. 

To get a quote for your project, please schedule a FREE call with us:

Get a quote

Are you a developer or system integrator?

If your customers are facing eCommerce challenges and you would like to start using Sylius as an alternative to the legacy PHP platforms, check out our Solution Partner Program.

Share your feedback

This is just the beginning, so stay tuned for more news, resources and product releases. We would love to hear what you think, so please share, comment or email us at hello@sylius.com. Thank you for being with us on this exciting adventure.

Paweł Jędrzejewski
Self-taught developer and entrepreneur, who has built an entire career and business through Open Source technology. Speaker at international conferences. PHPers meetups co-organizer. Keen on helping other young entrepreneurs and companies who may want to follow a similar path.
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