The Agile Sylius Roadmap is now public


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Sylius v0.16.0 with new attributes system

We have finally released v0.16.0 of Sylius, which includes PHP version bump and many improvements.

Giving more content power to Sylius with eZ Publish CMS

Our community is working on an exciting integration with eZ Publish CMS, which gives Sylius a powerful content management functionality.

Sending configurable e-mails in Symfony

Sending e-mails is a common task for most of web apps. We introduce you SyliusMailerBundle, which makes it easy and fun.

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Sylius v0.15.0 with multiple channels

This release brings tons of bug fixes and new features, like support for multiple channels!

Sylius v0.14.0 with Reports and HRBAC

Sylius development is getting back to normal pace and this summer will be very interesting for all e-commerce developers!

Sylius at PHPDay Italy & SOLIDay

May brings us two very important conferences for our community. Paweł will present Sylius in Italy and Serbia!

Sylius at 4Developers 2015

Paweł Jędrzejewski will present Sylius E-Commerce to polish developers at this year's 4Developers conference in Warsaw.

Sylius at Symfony Live Paris

Our core team member Arnaud will talk about [SyliusResourceBundle]( at SymfonyLive Paris. Be there!

Sylius v0.13.0 with Translatable Catalog

I just tagged v0.13.0 release of Sylius and all bundles, which adds internationalization feature and allows us to move forward much faster!