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Month of Sylius: July
July has been a thrilling month for the Sylius community! Thanks to a series of captivating webinars, this month has been a true celebration of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Sylius ecosystem. And there's so much ahead of us! From Sylius Days to the next edition of SyliusCon — let’s go! 

July has been a thrilling month for the Sylius community! Thanks to a series of captivating webinars, this month has been a true celebration of knowledge sharing and collaboration within the Sylius ecosystem. And there’s so much ahead of us! From Sylius Days to the next edition of SyliusCon — let’s go! 

‘The future of Sylius’ webinars

Mikołaj Król, Sylius’ CEO, hosted webinars focused on the future of Sylius. During the webinars, he provided a glimpse into what can be expected in the ecosystem in the upcoming months. Did you miss the webinar? You can watch the recap anytime on our YouTube channel.

Professional services to support your projects

You may have noticed a new tab on our website — ‘Professional services’. Together with our partner ecosystem we now offer a comprehensive range of services to support you at every stage of your journey, ensuring a smooth and successful implementation of Sylius. From initial consultations and strategic planning to design, development, and ongoing support, we’ve got your back! Our role here is to qualify your request and find the best match with our partners considering the partner operation region, experience, availability and scale.

New Sylius headline

Another change to Sylius’ website includes a new headline. When you enter our website, you can now see that Sylius is an eCommerce framework for any online shopping experience. As Mikołaj Król, Sylius CEO, says: From now on, this is how we will position it in the market. We will not compete with other software vendors because, in its category, Sylius has no competitors. It is an outstanding tool featuring astonishing Developer Experience that helps craft online shopping solutions for any experience and segment.

Sylius v1.12.9 and Sylius Plus updates

We’ve released a new version of Sylius v1.12 with bug fixes, issues and performance improvements that include:

  • Fixing misleading signing in the admin panel feature description
  • Upgrading PHPStan to level 6
  • Fixing “Show product in the shop page” button
  • Preventing placing an order with a disabled shipping method

and more! Check out the release details on GitHub for a full list of changes. Sylius Plus was updated too, with the following changes:

  • Fixed a conflict with symfony/framework-bundle:6.2.8.
  • Updated the details view in the Admin returns section.
  • Updated the minimal required version of ApiPlatform.
  • Added then quickly reverted a conflict with doctrine/orm:2.14.2.
  • Enhanced consistency in the Admin section by ensuring all action buttons in the Return section have the same width.
  • Added a confirmation prompt in the Admin section when leaving a changed form.
  • Improved the customizability and extendability of PartialShipments.
  • Prevented showing the refund button on return request if the order is already refunded.
  • Refactored the BusinessUnit by moving the address to a standalone superclass instead of making it embeddable. Subsequently, fixed the BusinessUnit table name.
  • Made a switch from using an integer to using a boolean in SQL where clause.
  • Marked IriConverterInterface as deprecated.
  • Addressed a conflict with sylius/refund-plugin:1.4.0 and bumped its version.
  • Improved Sylius template events on the Refund view and removed the composer link-templates command.
  • Optimized the order list query builder by removing an additional join to customers.
  • Upgraded the Return Request Resolution form from raw HTML to Symfony Form.
  • Refactored several actions in the Admin section related to Inventory and Returns.
  • Made minor code upgrades after updating RefundPlugin.
  • Eliminated hardcoded sleep delays in Behat for Loyalty Rules and improved customizability of loyalty rules.
  • Serialized the ItemsTotalToPointsRatioConfiguration.
  • Utilized command denormalizer for all API commands.
  • Added details about resolution changes in customer emails regarding returns.
  • Simplified customization by grouping validation groups and unfinalizing repositories.
  • Merged changes from modular Plus to SplitShipmentAction.
  • Updated the copyright information.

Sylius Days – Connecting the Community

We’re planning to kick off September with a bang! Sylius Days will take place on 8-9 September in Paris. It is a technical event aimed mainly at developers but also at people from the community who want to expand their knowledge and skills about Sylius. This event will be held in English. Admission to the event is free. The only requirement is to pick up a free ticket at the Sylius Store. Sign up today. The number of places is limited!

Our main motivation is to strengthen Sylius’ presence in open-source communities, be closer to the Symfony framework and API Platform, and build a stronger community network. We believe that since Sylius is a tech product, the more effort we put into tech communities, the more often it gets picked as a top-of-mind solution for any tailor eCommerce projects of any kind. – Mikołaj Król, CEO at Sylius

SyliusCon – back for a second edition

Building on the resounding success of our first-ever SyliusCon, this year’s edition promises to be even more exhilarating and insightful. SyliusCon brings together industry leaders, developers, and like-minded individuals from around the globe to share knowledge, explore the latest trends, and connect with fellow Sylius enthusiasts.

Get ready for a captivating lineup of keynote speeches, informative workshops, and interactive sessions that will empower you with the skills and insights to elevate your eCommerce game. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to expand your network, gain invaluable knowledge, and be part of shaping the future of eCommerce with Sylius! The official information will be available soon, but we have a sneak peek for “Month of Sylius” readers — you’ll be one of the first to know the date and place! Hop on to sylius.com/conference/ to find out when and where SyliusCon is happening and mark your calendar!

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more exciting updates, announcements, and events in the Sylius community.

Mikołaj Król
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